Paris Fashion Tour

3 Places to Go for Fashion in Paris

Paris Fashion for WomenIn honor of fashion week in Paris, let's do a Paris fashion blog post.  It's no secret that Paris is the center of the universe in terms of fashion for both men and women.  So, on request, and frequently on one of The Traveling Professor's women's tours to Paris, we stop at any one of the three places mentioned in today's blog post.

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What's So Good About Norway, Anyway?

See Why it is the New Travel Hot Spot

small group tours to norway 2017Cold, expensive, nothing to do?  That's what I hear from people when I mention they go on a small group tour to Norway.  But since The Traveling Professor introduced his small group tours to Norway (along with Denmark and Iceland), it has become an extremely popular tour.  Find out why people are willing to "Let It Go" and live their  "Frozen" dreams on a tour to Norway.

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4 Favorite Authentic Towns in Italy

Not the Typical Tourist Places in Italy

authentic italian townWhen The Traveling Professor did his annual traveler survey over the summer, over 67% of the respondents indicated they preferred to travel to more uncommon destinations.   On my small group tours to Italy we do travel to more touristy cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, but I think people are looking for those more uncrowded and less touristy authentic Italian towns.   In this blog post I list my favorite authentic Italian towns that get away from those larger, touristy cities.

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For Ladies Only: What to Wear in Paris

Advice from from Jamie Cat Callan, Author of Ooh La La Paris

paris for womenParisians are a bit more formal and stylish than we are here in North America.  Baseball caps and white tennis shoes/sneakers shouts “tourist” to everyone on Boulevard St. Germain.  Leave the sweatpants, hockey jerseys, and short pants at home.

Forget the beret and striped shirt.

Since my sense of women’s fashion is très mauvais, I have asked author and Paris style expert, Jamie Cat Callan to weigh in on the women’s aspect of what to wear in Paris.  Today's travel advice for Paris is for women only as Jamie tells us what to pack in order to avoid a wardrobe faux pas:

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Tips to Maximize European Travels

4 Travel Tips for European Travel

tips for visiting europeTraveling to Europe is easy.  However, there are some precautions to take on the road. In today's Europe blog post, we go over 4 basic travel tips to make a trip safer, less expensive, and easier.  Read today's blog post and make a trip to Europe a big success.

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Travel Product of the Month

Give Your Feet a Break

best travel shoes for womenOn our small group tours to Europe with The Traveling Professor, we walk around the streets of Rome, Venice, Paris, Oslo, and other cities.   I wouldn't classify any of our city tours with the hiking we do in Machu Picchu, but we can do several miles a day while traveling to Europe.  At the end of the day, usually the only complaint anyone has is sore feet.  It has taken me a few years to find the solution to that problem, but I think I have.  Take a look at my blog post to find the best travel shoes for women.  And of course, we look at the best travel shoes for men.  Read the travel blog post - your feet will thank you.

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Favorite Hotels in Italy

Sorrento, Florence, Rome, Treviso, and Venice

tours to italy 2017Whether it be a small group tour to Italy or traveling solo, The Traveling Professor has some hotels in Italy you should know about.  Listed today is a luxury hotel in Sorrento, a convenient hotel in Rome, a luxury yet affordable place right in the middle of everything in Florence, and a canal side beauty in Venice.  Lastly, I talk about my latest find in Treviso:  a beautiful, romantic and roomy B&B that is perfect for a trip to this underrated Italian city.

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Ireland Tour 2017

The Professor Announces a Preview Tour

2017 tour to ireland for womenThe Traveling Professor is proud to introduce a preview tour to Ireland in 2017.   We've done the research, planned an Ireland itinerary and we have a great tour planned whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with a companion.  Of course our tours are "women friendly".  This is the perfect Ireland tour for women as well as all other travelers.   Read the blog post for more details on our 2017 tour to Ireland.

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Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland

4 Questions Answered

Iceland Northern Lights ItineraryThe Traveling Professor has been running Nordic adventures for a few years now and just this year we introduced an Iceland and the Northern Lights tour.  As usual, we take a lot of questions from people who are interested in traveling on one of our small group tours to Iceland and the Northern Lights as well as travelers planning their own tours.  In this blog post I answer the most common questions about touring Iceland for the purpose of seeing the Northern Lights.

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Tours for Women

Traveling Professor's Tours for Women

tours for womenWe recently completed The Traveling Professor's annual travel survey.  We already knew that about 80% of those who go on tours with us are women travelers.  We found out on the survey that most of the people interested in our tours were women and they were in their 50's, 60's and 70's.   We found out where and how women wanted their vacations to be.   See our blog post to see what The Traveling Professor is doing to help plan women's vacations.

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«August 2016»

Two Off-The-Travelers-Map Italy Cities to Visit

tours to trevisoWe just got back from a week-long research tour to Germany, Austria and Italy.  The Traveling Professor is always scouting for new locations to add to his small group tours to Italy and we think we found two great ones, both of them in northern Italy in an area called the Veneto.  We liked these two spots because they were authentic, uncrowded, and not expensive.   Read the blog post to find out more where we will be planning our next small group tour to Italy.

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Results of The Traveling Professor Annual Travel Survey

tours for active women, traveling professorIn the middle of August The Traveling Professor sent out a questionnaire to all mailing list members.    Hundreds and hundreds of email subscribers completed the questionnaire. The answers were revealing.  We learned who our subscribers are. We learned about women's travel.   Insight was given on the type of small group tours adults want to go on.  We found out where do people want to travel in 2017 and beyond.   Check out the results in the travel blog post.  You will be surprised!

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