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On the Schedule for 2021

Every Trip is Different, But in 2019:

  • 74% of those who traveled with us were women.
  • 31% were solo travelers.  Of those solo travelers, 94% were women travelers.
  • 22% of women shared a room with another woman (partner, sister, daughter, friend)


Small Group Tour Schedule 2020 and 2021

Our small group tours for active adults have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Journeywoman, WCBS radio, Rudy Maxa's World and at The New York Times Travel Show. 

Small Group Tour Schedule 2020

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Small Group Tour Schedule 2021 - Released to Newsletter Subscribers Only

The 2021 small group tour schedule is released exclusively to NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.  

On our 2021 schedule will be old favorites like Paris, Italy, Scotland, Peru, Croatia, Norway, Iceland and Ireland.

There will be exciting new destinations added too.  Be the first to know about them - they sell out quickly.  

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We Do Custom Tours for Private Groups

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The Traveling Professor's small group tours consist of 10-14 adult travelers.  60%-70% of those who go on The Traveling Professor's tours are return travelers.  Our small group tours tours are perfect for active adults.  Each tour is different but about 80% are women travelers.  Half of our travelers are solo travelers.  Get on one of our small group tours for active adults.

Our small group tour schedule for active adults features tours for friendly travelers.  See The Traveling Professor featured in The Wall Street Journal, WCBS radio and is a New York Times Travel Show Travel expert.