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6 More Good Tips for Getting The Airfare You Want

get best airfaresThere are a lot of strategies The Traveling Professor uses when buying airfare.  Travelers need to remember it is not a level playing field when buying plane tickets.  Some travelers have distinct advantages over the others.  How do you get those advantages?  Read my blog post for USEFUL tips on how to get the best airfare and air itineraries.

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4 Tips for Buying Airline Tickets Using Award Miles

tips for using award miles for flightsThe Traveling Professor has earned over 1,600,000 award miles on American Airlines and OneWorld airlines.   I have used over 1,300,000 and in the process, have learned the right and the wrong way of using those miles.   Take advantage of my experience and read what I have to say about getting airline tickets using award miles.

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Travel Tips for Elite Status Flyers

traveling professor reviewsHaving elite status on airlines gets you upgrades, preferred boarding and all sorts of perks.  I've had "Platinum" status with American Airlines and "Sapphire" status on OneWorld flights for several years now.   In this post The Traveling Professor is going to give you tips to optimize your elite status to allow you to maximize the enjoyment of your flight experience.

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Air Travel Tips for All Travelers

air travel tipsThe Traveling Professor has spent the last several blog posts giving advice to air travelers on how to make the most of buying tickets, maximizing their award miles, getting the best itinerary, and using their elite status.   The last series of blog posts today gives general, but important tips to air travelers.

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A Short City Break in Copenhagen

copenhagen small group toursThe Traveling Professor has put Copenhagen on the itinerary in the past 2 years.  It has quickly grown to one of my favorite as well as our small group tour's favorite spots.  It is cool in the summer and has plenty to offer in terms of food, culture, museums, and people watching.  Take a look at my blog post and see what I like most about Copenhagen and how you can enjoy it too.

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Travel Product of the Month

ebags mother load product of the monthBeing a frequent traveler, there are lots of good travel items I come across.  It could be luggage, maybe travel clothing, a good travel deal, an electronic device or even a good book.  What I will be doing every month on The Traveling Professor website is presenting a “Travel Product of the Month”.  I hope you find it interesting!
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Favorite Florence Hotels

hotel davanzati florenceThe Traveling Professor regularly travels to Florence on his small group tours to Italy.  Florence is of course a popular destination. Hotels in Florence can vary in terms of price, location, and quality.  So for the benefit of The Traveling Professor readers, here are my top 3 picks for moderate hotels in Florence.

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Three Hotels in Padua

small group tours to italyFor me, Padua is my favorite city in Italy whether traveling alone or on my small group tours to Italy.  First of all it has the historic Scroveni Chapel.   There is the famous Cafe Pedrocchi as well as the university where famed scholars like Galileo taught.   The Basilica of St. Anthony, destination of many pilgrims is located here.  The markets are the best in Italy, if you ask me.   It is located within a short train ride from Venice, Venezia, Verona, Lake Garda, Treviso and other great spots.  And best of all, it lacks the crowds of tourists found in many other Italian cities.  In other words, it is authetic.  Here are my tips for where to stay in Padua.

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4 Not So Famous Places You Need to Visit in Paris

carnavalet parisOn our small group tours to Paris of course we visit the great sites like the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Orangerie and Notre Dame.   But Paris, being a city of discovery, has other attractions that would be famous in their own right if not overshadowed by the aforementioned, world-famous sites.  Check out the blog post and find out what else to visit on your next tour to Paris.

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3 Elegant Places to Dine in Paris

elegant paris restaurantParis is a mecca for dining.  There are all kinds of foods in all kinds of settings.  But then comes the time where a special place needs to be found.  In today's blog post The Traveling Professor gives you 3 elegant Paris restaurants.  They are perfect for a celebration or a romantic Paris dinner.  Bon Appétit!

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2 Authentic Places to Eat in Italy

authentic italian restaurantOne of the most popular requests The Traveling Professor gets is "take me to an authentic Italian restaurant".   I'm not exactly sure what that means but I can tell you what I think it means:  Momma is cooking in the kitchen and she is using vegetables she has grown in her own garden, meats and cheeses from the farm, wines from her own vines, and sauce she has made with her own hands.  It is served up family style with everyone sitting around the table.   Read my blog post to find out about  the best places to eat an authentic meal in Italy.

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We're Off on a Traveling Professor Research Trip

small group tours to austriaWhen planning a small group tour, a considerable amount of research needs to be put into the trip before we can bring travelers to a destination.  So this week Linda and I will be on the road putting together plans for several different trips.  We'll be visiting Germany, Austria and Italy.  For the details of our itinerary, read today's blog post.

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Two Off-The-Travelers-Map Italy Cities to Visit

tours to trevisoWe just got back from a week-long research tour to Germany, Austria and Italy.  The Traveling Professor is always scouting for new locations to add to his small group tours to Italy and we think we found two great ones, both of them in northern Italy in an area called the Veneto.  We liked these two spots because they were authentic, uncrowded, and not expensive.   Read the blog post to find out more where we will be planning our next small group tour to Italy.

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Results of The Traveling Professor Annual Travel Survey

tours for active women, traveling professorIn the middle of August The Traveling Professor sent out a questionnaire to all mailing list members.    Hundreds and hundreds of email subscribers completed the questionnaire. The answers were revealing.  We learned who our subscribers are. We learned about women's travel.   Insight was given on the type of small group tours adults want to go on.  We found out where do people want to travel in 2017 and beyond.   Check out the results in the travel blog post.  You will be surprised!

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