Two Side Trips from Florence Italy

Check Out These Two Great Destinations

small group tours to ItalyThe Traveling Professor loves taking his small group tours to Italy.  Florence is one of the most popular destinations.  But beyond Florence there is so much to see in Italy. There are plenty of destinations that are easy to get to, especially by train and even bus. On The Professor's small group tours, we never hesitate to go beyond the city of Florence to explore more of Italy.  Check out today's blog post to see wait awaits the traveler beyond renaissance Florence.

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4 Small Cities in Italy You Must See

Get Away from the Big Crowds and Enjoy Italy

small group tours to ItalyLet's face it, cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice are just way overcrowded.  For instance, the line to get in the Vatican Museum can be OVER A MILE LONG.  Big crowds prevent you from seeing David or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.  St. Mark's Square in Venice is awash with people, sometimes so many you might think you're in Disney World during spring break. But there are authentic and small Italian towns to visit, just about any time of the year.  Check them out in my Italy blog post.

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4 Favorite Authentic Towns in Italy

Not the Typical Tourist Places in Italy

authentic italian townWhen The Traveling Professor did his annual traveler survey over the summer, over 67% of the respondents indicated they preferred to travel to more uncommon destinations.   On my small group tours to Italy we do travel to more touristy cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, but I think people are looking for those more uncrowded and less touristy authentic Italian towns.   In this blog post I list my favorite authentic Italian towns that get away from those larger, touristy cities.

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Day Trip to Lucca from Florence

Spend a Day in this Authentic Walled-In City

On our tours to Italy, a day trip over to the walled-in city of Lucca is always a treat.  Lucca is decidedly Tuscan in every way.  It's double-fortified walls make it one of the best preserved cities in all of Italy.   Within the walls, the streets are nearly car-free making it an excellent destination for a full-day stroll.  Even better, rent a bicycle and ride either through the city or along the 2-mile ramparts surrounding it.  On your next tour to Italy, take the train ride over from Florence and see what the beautiful city of Lucca has to offer.

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