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Don't Compare Price...Compare Tours

  • Do They Count the Day You Board the Plane in the US as "Day 1" of the Tour?....The Traveling Professor Doesn't
  • Do They Travel in Small Groups of About a Dozen Travelers?...The Traveling Professor Does
  • Do They Permit Children or College Students on Their Tours?...The Traveling Professor Doesn't
  • Do They Insulate You from Local Culture by Using Big Bus Tours or Tourist Hotels Away from the City and Attractions?...The Traveling Professor Doesn't
  • Do They Tell You Where to Have Dinner and When to Have Dinner?...The Traveling Professor Doesn't
  • Do They Constantly Try to Sell Extra Excursions Upon Getting to Your Destination?...The Traveling Professor Doesn't
  • Do They Bring You to Private Artisan Shops, Small Authentic Restaurants, and Special Places Where Tourists Rarely Go?...The Traveling Professor Does
  • Do They Provide VIP, Skip-The-Line Admission to all Sites, Even Those Not on the Itinerary?...The Traveling Professor Does
  • Does Their Itinerary Include Stops That Are Nothing More Than Souvenir Shopping Excursions?...The Traveling Professor Doesn't
  • Do You Speak With Their Tour Leaders and Guides Prior to Your Trip?...The Traveling Professor, Guides, and Leaders Will Personally Speak With You
  • Do They Combine Your Group With Others or Put You on Tours Operated by Someone Else?...The Traveling Professor Doesn't

After adding it all up, The Traveling Professor offers tours that are better quality and better value

The Traveling Professor's Tours for Small Groups of Adults
This is what can be expected on The Traveling Professor's tours:
  • Small, friendly groups of about 12 adults for European tours, a few more for Peru tours.  Most travelers are in their 40's through early 70's.  We move around efficiently and quickly, keeping an active pace.
  • Every tour is different, but about half of our travelers are solo travelers.  No one ever feels like a "third wheel".
    Small Group Tours to Paris
  • Professional, licensed tour guides.  It separates us from the rest.  Expert and knowledgeable guides enhance the experience far beyond what many others offer.
  • Tour leaders are with the group 24/7.  All details (tickets, scheduling, local transportation, dining options, etc.) are taken care of.  We give  the personal attention that makes a trip a success.
  • A robust touring experience.  We like to see and do a lot!  On most tours, travelers are expected to handle their own luggage.  Be prepared to walk a lot, especially on city tours.
  • Trip preparation:  travelers know what to expect and prepare for in terms of packing, itinerary, flight scheduling, passport/visa requirements, weather, physical demands, currency exchange, credit cards, dining, etc.  Only good surprises, not bad ones.
  • Personal service.   The Professor is available to answer questions and address concerns.  We know how to handle issues when they arise (lost passport, missed flights, etc.).
  • Exceptional value.  We've done the homework to provide a high-quality travel experience at lower prices.
  • The Traveling Professor's tours are designed with the traveling woman in mind.  We specialize in small group tours for women.  Many of those on our tours are women traveling alone or women traveling with a companion.  If you are a single traveling woman, you will feel welcome on our small group tours.  Are you a woman traveling with a companion such as a friend, mother, or daughter.  You will feel welcome on a Traveling Professor tour.  Our Europe tours for women are some of the best available.
Who Goes on The Professor's Tours?
  • Tours are for adults.  Sorry, no college students or anyone under 25 years of age.
  • Most travelers range from their 40's to early 70's. 
  • A good number of our travelers are women traveling alone.
  • Tours are perfect for women traveling with a friend.
  • Ambitious and intelligent travelers able to walk 2-3 miles a day, like to get along and have fun. 
  • People seeking culturally enriching and educational travel experiences. 
  • Each tour is different, but almost half are solo travelers.  There are couples, two friends sharing a room, sometimes mother/daughters or father/sons. People come from all over North America and sometimes beyond.