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Professor Steve Solosky – Founder

Steve SoloskyHere's my story - about 20 years ago I started traveling to Paris on my own during breaks from my job as a professor at the State University of New York.   Since I am a meticulous note taker, I wrote down everything a traveler to Paris might want to know: hotels, attractions, restaurants, transportation, packing, hidden secrets, money saving ideas, travel tips and more.   Soon afterwards, civic organizations and continuing education programs invited me to present programs on Paris travel.  At those presentations I handed out my travel notes. They told me I should turn those notes into a book, so in 2009 I published "The Traveling Professor's Guide to Paris".  It became a best-seller. Readers from all over the country asked me to take them to Paris and voila! - my tour business was born.   They enjoyed my small group tours for adults to Paris so much they wanted more.  I have since taken early retirement from being a professor and added  tours to Italy, Spain, Peru & Machu Picchu, Iceland, Spain, Norway and other destinations.   Each year we take small group tours of 10-14 adults on about 10-16 trips per year.

I am a regularly featured speaker at The New York Times Travel Show.   I have been cited as an expert  in The New York Times travel articles and regularly contribute to travel-related stories.  My profile appeared in The Wall Street Journal.  Frommer's magazine called me "One of their most savviest travelers". The Professor is a semi-regular guest on Rudy Maxa's World the largest syndicated travel radio program in North America.  The New York Times regularly quotes The Professor. AM900 CHML radio's Scott Thompson in Hamilton, Ontario often reaches out to The Professor for his travel expertise.  I enjoy speaking about travel to civic organizations and groups.  The Traveling Professor is a long-time member of the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce and the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.

When not living out of suitcase, I reside in Great Barrington, MA and Frisco, TX.

I can talk about travel (especially Paris) for hours and nothing pleases me more than making dreams come true by taking people on my tours.

What They Are Saying
Of course, I am going to tell you my tours are terrific.  But don't take it from me, listen to what others have to say.   Read the testimonials below or I can put you in contact with travelers who have gone on my tours.   Communicate with them personally and then decide if what I have to offer is for you.
  • Click HERE for a wonderful email we received for one of our clients who went to Norway and Iceland with us.
  • The Paris trip was wonderful.  I had a great time and enjoyed everything.  Elyse was fantastic as our tour guide - knowledgeable, fun and considerate of all the members of the tour group.  Paris is a beautiful city and I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see the very best of Paris in a short time.  I would rate this trip a 10!!  Barbara Q., Oakdale, NY.
  • We are not "tour people" but decided to go on Professor Solosky's tour to Spain.  We enjoyed interacting with the group and were surprised how easily and quickly we moved around the city.   Because we are such early risers, it was good to have the ability to go on our own and do what we wanted on some days.  Don & Jean C., Happauge, NY
  •  Dear Steve, want to let you know that this trip far exceeded my expectations. It was truly a dream come true for my mom. She dreamed of doing this for many years. Elyse is so lovely, smart, sophisticated, patient, funny, educated ..... I could go on but I'm sure you know. Having her as our guide was invaluable.  We will definitely look you up next trip we plan but for a little bit, I need to re-group. Until our paths cross again....thank you so much and I will recommend The Traveling Professor to anyone I know who is going to Paris!  Susan Q., Massapequa Park, NY
  • Professor Solosky must think I am a real pain, but every time I called or e-mailed him with questions, he spent all the time I needed to get ready for our trip.   It was important to me because I was taking my aunt to Italy and I wanted every to go perfectly.  Gina M., Denver, CO.
  • When you see what he (The Traveling Professor) is offering at the price he is offering it at, you have to be a little skeptical.  But we went to Peru and not only did he deliver everything he promised, it was far better than we thought it would be.   Tom G. (who traveled with his son Tom, Jr.), Buffalo, NY.
  • Just a quick note to say that I had an absolutely fabulous time in Paris.  Elyse was wonderful; I loved visiting so many sites. But what I loved most was not only seeing the them but learning the history.  Thank you for all the planning...especially the video on getting to the hotel from the train.  The hotel too was excellent...spotlessly clean and a perfect locations or getting to transportation and restaurants. Our diverse group got along famously and friendships have been formed.  The small group tour is the way to go! I hope that in the future I (and my husband) will be able to join up with you again.  Dee A., Ballston Spa, N.Y.
  • The Professor's Facebook page has plenty of reviews published HERE.
  • To see a review posted on, click HERE.
Speaking Engagements

Want an entertaining and engaging speaker for your civic organization, trade show, or meeting?  Everyone loves to hear about travel.  The Professor has done talks on:

  • Top Ten Travel Tips
  • How to Plan for a Trip to (Choose from:  Europe, Peru and Machu Picchu, Iceland, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, Normandy Invasion Beaches, Ireland, Norway, Christmas Markets, Croatia and more)
  • How to Travel Safely
  • How to Get the Best Airfares
  • Travel Writing
  • Top Ten Ways to Save Money in Europe
  • Retire to the Job of Your Dreams

The Professor has been cited as a travel expert by The New York Times, Frommer's, The Wall Street Journal, Rudy Maxa and by various media outlets.  Email him at and get The Traveling Professor to speak at your next group function.

WCBS New York Small Business Spotlight
Travel Philosophy

When creating my small group tours, I thought about what I would want if I were to go as a traveler myself:

  • Small, manageable groups of like-minded adults.  Forget those big-bus tours with 30-40 people.
  • An ambitious itinerary visiting major sights and those interesting off-the-beaten-path places too.
  • Expert, licensed guides native to each region we visit, who is knowledgeable and engaging. Someone who knows the fascinating history and details and can answer questions. Sorry, guide books and audio guides just don't do it for me.  
  • I like traveling with someone having "inside information" on local dining spots, special exhibits, and gets me into the places others can't.
  • Good, clean, comfortable, centrally located hotels. I don't need super-luxury, but I don't want to go budget either.
  • Someone to take care of  details like tickets, local transportation, reservations, and all the other minutiae that take away from enjoying my vacation.
  • The flexibility to go on my own, away from the group for part of the tour if I wanted to.
  • A good value.  I want to get the most for my money without sacrificing luxury or comfort.
  • Women make up a good part of our traveling clientele.  Our tours are perfect for women travelers.  We have had women traveling alone, women traveling with friends and mothers/daughters.  Our trips are designed with safety (and fun) in mind and are perfect for the solo woman traveler as well as the accompanied traveler.

The Traveling Professor's Small Group Tours are designed with these ideals in mind.  They are culturally enriching, educational, and enjoyable at an exceptional value.

Professor Steve Solosky