How to Do a Bargain Trip to Italy

Save Money and Time Without Sacrificing Luxury or Comfort

small group tour to italyLet's face it, travel is expensive these days.  But we all love going to Italy.  The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Italy are probaly the most popular of our tours.   There is a way to go to Italy, enjoy it in luxury, without breaking the bank.  In fact, if this blog post doesn't save you a ton of money on your next trip to Italy, the next time you go, I will meet you there and buy you the biggest gelato to be found.

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Germany and Austria Trip Report

traveling professor austria germanyThe Traveling Professor just got back from almost 2 weeks in Germany and Vienna.  Our visit was two-fold.  Firstly, we have family members in Germany we wanted to visit.  Secondly, we were hosted in part by the Vienna Tourist Board for the purpose of developing tours to Vienna.  Check out my blog post to get the day-by-day highlights of our voyage to Germany and Vienna including the scoop on Mozart, German and Viennese food, sights to see, and the famous Christmas markets.

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Which Country Has The Best Food?

best food in europeOn our small group tours to Paris, Italy, Norway, Austria and Germany, and Peru, part of the travel experience is the food.  It is ALL good.  But what's the best?  Every country has wonderful food.  But which country has the best food?  Everyone is going to have their own opinions but in this blog post, The Traveling Professor gives his opinion on which country has the best food.

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6 Reasons Why People are Going to Norway, Denmark, Iceland

small group tours to norwayWhen The Traveling Professor exhibited and spoke at The New York Times Travel Show in New York City, and appeared on The Rudy Maxa travel radio program, the recurring question was "Do you bring your small group tours to Iceland?".  Well of course we do.  But there is so much more than just a trip to Iceland.   With IcelandAir's free stopover program, add on a trip to Norway and Denmark for the full Scandinavian experience.  But whey are people going to Iceland, Norway and Denmark.   Read my blog post to find out why.

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Take Advantage of Flight Stopovers

best flight stopoversIt seems as if air travel gets more and more expensive, despite the drop in oil prices and the reduction of services.  What is becoming more popular, however, are the airlines offering free stopovers on trans-continental flights.  The Traveling Professor takes advantage of free stopovers and it can save hundreds of dollars on a trip.  In this blog post, he lists two great stopover options for those going to Europe.

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The Paris Restaurant Report

best paris restaurantsHere are 14 of the best Paris restaurants, for every taste and budget.  The Traveling Professor has been going to Paris for over 15 years on a labor of love, researching the best restaurants, just for you.   In this list are restaurants of all kinds - casual, lunch spots, dinner spots, romantic places, expensive places and super deals.  Whether you travel with The Professor on one of his small group tours to Paris or travel on your own, check out his Paris Restaurant Review.

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Why Padua is the Best City to Visit in Italy

small group tours to paduaFor me, there are two parts of Italy.  There are the over-touristy destinations like Rome, Florence, and much of Venice.  They are filled with massive amounts of people, trinket shops on nearly every corner, people trying to sell you all other types of trinkets, long lines, and frankly, some overrated sites.  However, peel away the skin of the onion and discover one of the best-kept secrets in Italy; Padua.  Relatively uncrowded, much cheaper than the other cities mentioned above, much more relaxing, and more fascinating in terms of history and culture, it is The Traveling Professor's favorite Italian city.

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To Pack or Not to Pack. That is the Question.

packing listThe Traveling Professor has published blog posts on packing several times.   They are well-received by half the population because I always get the comment, "that's great Professor, but how about packing tips for women?".   In this guest blog post from blogger Debbie Damato, get a woman's perspective of what to pack on your next trip.

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How to Do a Bargain Trip to Italy

small group tour to italyLet's face it, travel is expensive these days.  But we all love going to Italy.  The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Italy are probaly the most popular of our tours.   There is a way to go to Italy, enjoy it in luxury, without breaking the bank.  In fact, if this blog post doesn't save you a ton of money on your next trip to Italy, the next time you go, I will meet you there and buy you the biggest gelato to be found.

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Three 2-Star Paris Hotels

2 star hotel parisLodging costs typically make up the most expensive part of a vacation to Paris and in Paris, hotels can be expensive. However, there are several good 2-star picks, and The Traveling Professor has them for you.  2-star Paris hotels can be a great value, but usually they do not have a restaurant (not a big deal in Paris) but probably does not have A/C.   Don't expect a spa or turn-down service.  However, with these picks, expect to get a good night's sleep at a good price.

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Tech Devices for Every Traveler

best travel devicesThere are some essential devices I carry with me on both international and domestic trips to make my travel more comfortable, safe, and secure.   For instance, when I do check luggage, I want to know where it is at all times.  I want my flight to seem to go smoothly and comfortably.  I want my phones and other electronic devices to work overseas just as they do at home.  Take a look at my blog post to see what I always pack with me on trips wherever I go. 

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How to Visit the Vatican

vatican with traveling professorA pilgrimage to the Vatican is a must for those visiting Rome.   There is the Vatican Museum with the glorious Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peter.   However, the crowds can be absolutely brutal in terms of the number of people queuing up for both the Vatican Museum and the Basilica.   Without careful planning, it is not unusual for travelers to wait for hours to get in.   Take a look at my blog post and get my advice for saving time and money, without having to wait in line.

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7 Essential Tips for Europe Travel

traveling professor tours to italyI have been to Europe well over 100 times.   Over that time, I have learned quite a bit about traveling there.   In today's blog post I give travelers seven essential tips on Europe travel.  The Traveling Professor talks about rest, what to plan for, money matters, itineraries, air travel.  I give very specific tips with websites to go to that will make a trip to Europe easier and hassle-free.

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Favorite Dining Spots on Tour

best restaurants in townOne of the reasons I love to travel, whether it be on a small group tour to Norway or any of the countries we go to or by myself, is to eat. I've come to love German food, Italian food, French food as well as Spanish and Scandinavian food.  In today's blog post I tell you about some of my favorite dining spots that you should try too on your next tour to Europe.

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5 Best Airline Tips

small group tours to europeYou have heard The Traveling Professor say before that he flies over 100,000 miles per year.  I also have Platinum status on American Airlines and belong to their "Million Miler" club.   But since I take small groups of travelers to various destinations in Europe and South America, I hear from well over 100 flyers per year on their experiences.  Over the years, I have compiled my Top 5 Best Tips on Airlines for today's blog post.

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5 More Best Airline Tips

air travel tipsLet's face it, flying is not the way it used to be. Air travel can be a real hassle.   However, there is a lot to be done to make your life in the air much easier. The Traveling Professor had a great response to his last blog post on flying and airline tips.  In response, I came up with 5 more additional tips for the air traveler.

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Why Denmark, Norway and Iceland are the Places to Go

small group tours to norwayBy far, the most popular travel spots for The Traveling Professor tours are France and Italy.  They offer great food, culture, art, and natural beauty. However, it is a big, big world.  There are other places to see that frankly, travelers may like MORE than the traditional spots.  Denmark, Norway and Iceland have not been on the radar for many travelers for a variety of reasons.  They might not be familiar with what to see or do.  Scandinavia has the reputation of high prices.  But take a look at today's blog post and see why a trip to Denmark, Iceland and Norway may be in your future.

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