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5 More Best Airline Tips

air travel tipsLet's face it, flying is not the way it used to be. Air travel can be a real hassle.   However, there is a lot to be done to make your life in the air much easier. The Traveling Professor had a great response to his last blog post on flying and airline tips.  In response, I came up with 5 more additional tips for the air traveler.

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Why Denmark, Norway and Iceland are the Places to Go

small group tours to norwayBy far, the most popular travel spots for The Traveling Professor tours are France and Italy.  They offer great food, culture, art, and natural beauty. However, it is a big, big world.  There are other places to see that frankly, travelers may like MORE than the traditional spots.  Denmark, Norway and Iceland have not been on the radar for many travelers for a variety of reasons.  They might not be familiar with what to see or do.  Scandinavia has the reputation of high prices.  But take a look at today's blog post and see why a trip to Denmark, Iceland and Norway may be in your future.

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Safety Precautions to Take While Overseas

safety in parisI am listening to the TV now, as news comes in on the horrific attacks in Brussels following on the heels of the terror attacks in Paris in November.   When The Traveling Professor goes to Europe on our small group tours, we take steps to protect our safety.    For some of my tips, please read today's blog post.  And, in the interest of everyone, I invite all travelers to post their safety tips too.

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Why the Bus is Better than the Metro

Italy BusThere are a few options for getting around town in big European cities like Paris, Rome, London, and Madrid.   Of course there is the walking option and there are taxis.   Most major European cities are serviced by the metro and while it is probably the fastest way to get from point A to point B, there are many reasons why The Traveling Professor prefers the bus.   Read my blog post today and I will tell you why.

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Are Parisian Rude?

rude parisianWhen I get into conversations with travelers or just with people in general when I am talking about France, they sometimes ask me "aren't the Parisians rude?".   It kind of surprises me when they ask this because in general, that has not been my experience with the French people.  However, I think I know why people sometimes complain about the French being rude and in short, it is not what you think it is. Read today's blog post and I'll break the myth about the "rude French".

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8 USEFUL Tips for Getting Good Airfares

best airfaresI know, you've seen this teaser post before on other websites.  Then you read the post and there are several generally useless and lame "tips" that you've read 50 times before.  However, The Traveling Professor has 8 great USEFUL tips that will help you find good airfares, at the times YOU want to fly with the connections YOU want to make on the airlines YOU want to fly on.  I fly almost 100,000 air miles a year, domestically and internationally and I follow the practices outlined in my blog post all the time.  Fly like The Professor on good routes, in better seats, with less fees and hassles, and at lower fares than you are probably paying now.

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Tips on Renting a Paris Apartment

paris apartmentOne of the biggest expenses for a tour to Paris is lodging. An option for travelers is to rent an apartment for all or part of their stay.  Personally, I like to rent an apartment for an authentic Parisian stay.   I also like the option of being able to prepare my own meals after a visit to one of the many food markets.  An apartment rental can also be a great value in terms of quality and comfort over a hotel.  In today's blog post, my friend Connie Afshar of Panache Rental gives her top tips on renting an apartment in Paris.

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The Beauty of Salzburg

tour of salzburgThis past December and January, The Traveling Professor toured Germany and Austria as part of doing research for his upcoming "Bavarian and Germany Christmas Markets" tour.  I had the opportunity to spend some time in Salzburg, Austria.  You know it as the home of Mozart and "The Sound of Music".   We toured with professional and licensed guide, Michaela Muhr of Salzburg Experience who showed us a side of this wonderful city that we never thought existed.   Not only did we see the major sites, but she introduced us to the wonderful people of Austria like shop owners, friends, and the charming people who make this small city their home.  I thought it best for Michaela to tell you about Salzburg and today's blog post is authored by her.

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How to Get the VAT Back

Get the VAT backTravelers are always looking for ways to save money and I have a tip for you today that will put more money in your pocket without sacrificing luxury or comfort.  If you follow my tip, it won't take much time at all to save this money.

The VAT (Value Added Tax) is a hidden surcharge (about 20%) already added on to just about every retail item sold. For large purchases (over €175) on items like jewelry, clothes, antiques, or artwork, a buyer may get at least a partial refund (about 12%) of the VAT.  The eligible purchase(s) can consist of multiple items totaling more than the threshold amount, but they must be made from the same store on the same day.

Check out my blog post to find out how to save the VAT.

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