6 Reasons Why People are Going to Norway, Denmark, Iceland

It's a Unique Travel Opportunity

Author: The Traveling Professor/Thursday, February 4, 2016/Categories: Norway/Iceland/Denmark

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This year, it seems the most popular travel questions to The Traveling Professor is something like "When are we going to Iceland?" or "Let's go to Norway.  Can we do that trip?", or "Denmark sounds a great place to go.  Can you put together a tour?"

Why are these places so popular in 2016?

Cheap Airfares:  Major airlines (American, Delta, KLM) as well as discount airlines (IcelandAir, Norwegian) and even super-discount airlines like Wizz and Wow!  all offer the least expensive way to get to Europe.  Airfares under $1,000 can EASILY be found to Scandinavian destinations where it would be difficult to find an airfare under $1,500 to places like Italy, France, Germany, or Spain.

Scandinavia Destinations are Not So Expensive:  They used to be, but not now.  Remember, many countries, Norway especially, depends upon oil, and we all know about the price of oil the last 2 years.   This reflects in a devaluation of their currency against the dollar.  2 years ago travelers got about 6.2 Norwegian Kroners to the US dollar.  Today, the dolloar has about 40% more buying power.   That means, the equivalent of the $40 lunch in Oslo now costs $24, right in line with the rest of Europe.   Smart travelers are realizing a bargain is to be had and is jumping on going to Scandinavia.

The Weather Really is Good:  It is nice and cool in Norway, Denmark, and Iceland, especially in the summer.  Who wants to stand in hot, long lines in Italy or Spain?

Not Crowded:  Sometimes when The Traveling Professor takes people to Norway, Denmark or Iceland, people ask, "where is everybody?".  No long lines, pushing, or shoving here.  It is a relaxed and enjoyable pace.

Beautiful, Beautiful Natural Scenery:  On a trip to Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, I can GUARANTEE a traveler will see more glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches, geysers, mountains, lakes, fjords, than they will see on ANY trip in North America.

Art and Culture:  Denmark has wonderful art museums.  People "Scream" for the art and culture in Norway.  Again, everything is relaxed with no waiting in long lines or crowds.

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