5 Best Airline Tips

Five Things You Need to Know About Airlines

Author: The Traveling Professor/Saturday, February 27, 2016/Categories: Save on Airfare

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Only Purchase Tickets Directly from the Airline:  It is a very rare circumstance where tickets can be purchased cheaper from websites like Expedia or Orbitz.  Plus, if tickets are purchased from these websites, extra fees and complications are added in if a ticket needs to be changed or modified.   For instance, we recently had a passenger who purchased a ticket from a non-airline website like Expedia and she needed to make a change.  They added $250 on top of the $500 fee the airline charged for changes.   Keep it simple and keep it cheap by purchasing directly from the airline.

The Best Airlines to Europe are IcelandAir and Norwegian:  Why?  They have the newest equipment, better service, and usually lower fares. Their change and baggage fees are also usually a lot more reasonable.  On the downside their scheduling and routing may not be as good as some of the legacy carriers like Delta or American. On a recent flight from Chicago to Copenhagen on American Airlines the plane must have been at least 30 years old.  Norwegian claims to have the greenest and newest fleet in the world.  The WORST airline to Europe in my experience is Alitalia.  There is always a story about lost luggage, delays, etc.

Elite Status Match:  For instance, I have Platinum status on AA but I've been thinking about flying on Delta.  I don't feel like starting all over again to get the commensurate elite status on Delta.   Delta and many other airlines (but not IcelandAir) lets the traveler apply for a status match immediately provided they meet requirements.

The Best Website to Find Airfares:  Although they don't list airfares for discount airlines like SouthWest, once you get to learn it,   http://matrix.itasoftware.com/ by far the most flexible and comprehensive way to search for airfares.

Airfare Policies Shift Like the Wind:  My experience tells me that seating preferences, same day flight changes, baggage fees, carry-on allowances, upgrades, refund policies and more depend on who you talk to and how they feel that day.  My advice:  always be polite and pleasant when dealing with airline personnel if you are looking to get something from them.

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