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Find Award Flights on American Airlines

american airlines award mapIt seems like airlines are giving away frequent flyer miles all over the place today.  Get them by using a credit card, flying, buying flowers, dining in restaurants, even when buying electricity for your home.  Getting frequent flyer miles is easy - but spending them is another story.  Airlines have "cheapened" miles earned by making flights unavailable for redemption with frequent flyer miles or simply raised the number of miles needed to ridiculous proportions.  In this blog post The Traveling Professor shows you the easiest way to find the diminishing award flights available on American Airlines.

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How to Beat Jet Lag

How to Beat Jet LagFlying overseas today can be a brutal experience.  Packed planes, small seats, uncomfortable seats, noisy flyers, time changes, chaos at the airport, etc.  Add to it that most flights from North American to Europe are overnight flights just adds to the stress.  I've taken hundreds of trips overseas in the last few years.  On my small group tours to Europe, thousands of my travel clients have flown overseas.  Get my best tips for beating jet lag on your next tour to Europe.

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Three Lunch Spots in Paris

Best Lunch in ParisLunch in Paris!  What a delight.  There is nothing like taking a break during the day to sit down for a short, or even better yet, extended lunch hour.  I take a group of 8 travelers on a small group tour to Paris next week and I am already thinking of places to stop for lunch. Check out my Paris blog post to see The Traveling Professor's favorites for lunch in Paris.

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Tips for Traveling Solo

tips for women traveling soloOn our small group tours, women overwhelmingly make up the bulk of my groups.  While I can attest to the joy of traveling alone, there are some special precautions that need to be taken.  For women traveling alone in Europe, travel is generally safe.  However, in today's blog post, The Traveling Professor goes over those precautions that can be taken while traveling solo in Europe.

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Travel Product of the Month

ebags packing cubes discountI will admit it, I used to pack by just rolling everything up and throwing it in the bag. It only took me about 10 minutes to pack, but then finding anything became a real chore.  Where are my shirts?  How about my electronics? Can I find my toiletries or socks.  Well, I've solved that problem and in today's blog post, we'll show you how to be a more organized packer with our travel product of the month.

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More Reasons to Like the Chase Sapphire Card

chase sapphire reserve cardIf you read my blog posts on a regular basis, you know I am a big fan of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. When I signed up for and paid my $450 fee, I immediately got $300 back on my first travel purchase.  Once I spent $4,000 on the card, I received 100,000 bonus points which I immediately used to purchase over $1,300 in travel (which by the way, I received frequent flyer miles on the airline tickets I purchased with my points) with those points.  On top of it, I now enjoy lounge access for me and my travel companions with my Priority Pass. I've used it in Dublin, Puerto Maldonado (Peru), Lima, Naples, and Lisbon.  But wait!  There are more reasons to use the Chase Sapphire Reserve card.   I'll explain in today's The Traveling Professor blog post.

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Nobody Goes There Anymore, It's Too Crowded

yogi berra travelYogi Berra famously said, "Nobody Goes There Anymore, It's Too Crowded".  We can apply the same statement to travel. There are some places we regularly travel to, but NEVER go during certain seasons.  In today's blog post, The Traveling Professor explains the places to stay away from at certain times and better alternatives for travelers who do want to go away and actually enjoy their vacation without the pressing crowds.

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