Tips for Traveling Solo

Travel Safe and Enjoy

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, April 3, 2017/Categories: Women's Travel

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Here are the basic tips for traveling alone in Europe:

Give Someone Back Home an Itinerary:  List dates, flights, where you will be staying, and contact information for hotels.

Have an International Phone Plan:  It's only about $10 a day.  A wise investment for staying in touch.

Be Careful on Public Transportation:  Take the bus, not the metro.  Only use licensed taxis from a taxi stand or called by the hotel. NEVER take a ride from someone who solicits you.

Carry a Copy of Your Passport at All Times:  Write contact information on it, medical conditions and prescriptions, hotel information.

Insurance:  Always have travel insurance.  

Go on Group Walks:  Many cities like London offer informative and worthwhile group walks.  See

If Meeting Strangers, Do So in Groups:  Years ago when I traveled alone, I would meet up with other groups of travelers for dinners, but never with a group of less than 5. 

Always Be Aware:  As I said, I always felt safe in Europe, but I was smart.  If I found something suspicious going on, I got out of the situation right away by going in a hotel or restaurant.  I avoid being out at night unless I was with a crowd. 

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