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Travel Product of the Month

small group tours to italyI have been taking my small group tours to Italy and Paris for years.   Although I know my French and Italian pretty well, ordering from a menu can be a challenge.  For example, when dining at Aux Lyonnais in Paris, exactly what am I getting when I order "Caillette de Chabeuil" or "Gigot d'agneau de lait roti"?  In Rome, what happens next when I order "Braciolette d’abacchio ai ferri con patate" or "Straccetti di calamari alla piastra".   Use this travel product of the month to avoid using the hazardous "point and pray" method when ordering off a French or Italian menu.

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2 Restaurants Near the Eiffel Tower

restaurants near eiffel towerWho doesn't love to eat while in Paris?  Who doesn't love to eat near the Eiffel Tower when in Paris?  The Traveling Professor has picked out 2 of his favorite spots to share on your next tour to Paris.  As an extra bonus in the Paris food post, I suggest a place near the Eiffel Tower full of casual eating spots as well as markets and shops.

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Favorite Paris Left Bank Eating Spots

best left bank restaurantsNearly every week I get 5 or 6 requests regarding my favorite eating spots in Paris. Believe me, I have never run into a Paris traveler who has complained there is no where to eat. But in any case, whether it be on my small group tours to Paris or traveling solo to Paris, take a look at my favorite restaurants on the Left Bank of Paris.

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Should You Be Worried About Traveling to Europe?

small group tours to parisLet's face it, there have been incidents that are cause for concern for travelers.  The US State Department recently issued a travel advisory for Europe.  Should you be concerned?  The Traveling Professor's answer to this question is "of course you should be concerned".  But as a colleague of mine recently said, "Over the past 10 years I have lost too many friends to cancer, but none were lost while traveling".  So, in today's blog post, The Traveling Professor gives tips for a safe trip.

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Hotel Star Ratings Explained

paris hotelGenerally speaking, hotels in Europe are rated by "stars", from zero to 5 stars.  People often ask what the difference is between a 3 or 4 star hotel or even a 2 or a 5 star hotel.  Does selecting a 2 star hotel over a 3 star hotel guarantee a better hotel.  Or will a 1-star hotel be not as good as a 2 star hotel.  The Traveling Professor answers your questions in today's blog post.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Vienna

christmas market tourThe Traveling Professor took his first small group tour to Vienna last November-December when travelers went on the inaugural tour to the Austrian and the Baviarian Christmas markets.  There is plenty to see and do in Vienna, and by itself, deserves a 5-7 day itself. In this blog post, The Traveling Professor tells you the Top 5 things to do in Vienna.

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British Airways: The Worst in Customer Service?

British Airways Bad Customer ServiceI fly about 75,000 to 100,000 miles a year and have been doing so for the last 10 years or so.  In general, I find airline employees to be hard-working, courteous, and very capable of doing a good job.  However, it is the customer service policies of airlines, in this particular story, the bad customer service of British Airways, that makes you wonder if management is just out of touch, or just incredibly arrogant and dismissive.  Read The Traveling Professor's story and we let you decide if British Airways has the worst customer service in the industry.

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American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy

American Cemetery Colleville-sur-Mer NormandyJust about every year, I get to run a tour to the Normandy Invasion Beaches which includes the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer.  It is one of the least popular tours we run, but for me, it is the most profound and compelling trip I take, no matter that I have done it over a dozen times.  In today's blog post, I will describe my experience in visiting the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer.

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Results of Our Annual Travel Survey

Annual Travel SurveyLast month The Traveling Professor conducted the 2nd Annual Travel Survey where we asked all subscribers to our mailing list to answer 9 short questions.  Some things did not change (we have about 80% women travelers and 20% men travelers) but there were a few surprises regarding The Traveling Professor's small group tours.  Read the blog post to find out more how people responded to our travel questions.

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Where to Eat in Dublin

small group tours to IrelandThe culinary scene in Ireland has improved quite a bit over the years.  It is full of varied and interesting culinary experiences.  On our small group tours to Ireland, we enjoy a good meal, close to our hotel, for a reasonable price.  So, if not going on a small group tour to Ireland with The Traveling Professor, read today's Ireland blog post and you can enjoy the same Dublin dining experiences that we have on our small group tours to Ireland.

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Perfect Father's Day Travel Gift

best fathers day travel giftLooking for the perfect Father's Day gift of travel for Dad?  Something he will never, ever forget?  Something he can do with you, or a Father/Son or Father/Daughter experience?  In today's blog post we have a travel gift that Dad would probably not plan on his own, but it is a trip he probably has wanted to do for a long time.  Read the blog post to find out this great travel gift for Dad.

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Beyond Rome, Florence and Venice

Bassano del GrappaEveryone should visit Rome, Florence and Venice.  However, there is more to Italy than just these 3 cities.  Travelers need to take the time to visit the REAL Italy, away from the trinket shops and massive crowds.  The Traveling Professor's small group tours has visited some wonderful places in Italy that are considered "off-the-beaten" path.  In this Italy blog post, you will find out about some of the places you need to visit beyond Rome, Florence and Venice.

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Travel Product of the Month

fitbit fathers day giftThis month we have a travel product of the month that every Dad will love.  On our small group tours, a good number of our travelers have one of these.  They are fun, look great, and are very practical to have.  So, check out today's blog post and find out about a great travel product and a perfect Father's Day gift.

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