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Author: The Traveling Professor/Wednesday, March 29, 2017/Categories: Save on Airfare

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When searching for available award flights on American Airlines, most people try to find award flights by searching the same way as if they were paying for a flight.  In other words they enter the origination city, destination city, dates as if it were a paid flight but click the "Redeem Miles" check box to show what's available for miles.   This can be inefficient, inflexible, and difficult to decipher.

There is a better way.

American Airlines provides an "Awards Map":

The map allows the user to provide these specifications:

  • Origination City
  • Destination Area - Continental US, Canada & Alaska, Hawaii, Central America & South America, Europe, Africa & Middle East
  • Interest - Beach, Ski, Golf
  • Departure Date
  • Return Date
  • Number of Passengers
  • Maximum Miles to Use - so you plan on redeeming only 40,000 miles for example, it filters results using that spec.

Advanced Filter Options Include:

  • Round Trip/One Way - ALWAYS redeem miles with ONE WAY tickets.  Specifying Round Trip always limits options.
  • Class
  • Number of Maximum Stops
  • Include Partner Airlines - Other One World Partners

After setting specifications, click SEARCH, and voila!  It's easy to change specs on the fly once the available flights are shown.

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