4 Great Sites for Getting Great Airfares

Save Money and Get the Itinerary YOU Want

good airline dealsSome of The Traveling Professor's most popular blog posts are on how to find great air itineraries and how to save money on flights. I have put together 4 websites that I like for not only getting the best airfares, but also get tips on how to use frequent flyer miles better, tips on credit cards, upgrades and all sorts of airline perks.

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Tips on Renting a Paris Apartment

paris apartmentOne of the biggest expenses for a tour to Paris is lodging. An option for travelers is to rent an apartment for all or part of their stay.  Personally, I like to rent an apartment for an authentic Parisian stay.   I also like the option of being able to prepare my own meals after a visit to one of the many food markets.  An apartment rental can also be a great value in terms of quality and comfort over a hotel.  In today's blog post, my friend Connie Afshar of Panache Rental gives her top tips on renting an apartment in Paris.

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The Beauty of Salzburg

tour of salzburgThis past December and January, The Traveling Professor toured Germany and Austria as part of doing research for his upcoming "Bavarian and Germany Christmas Markets" tour.  I had the opportunity to spend some time in Salzburg, Austria.  You know it as the home of Mozart and "The Sound of Music".   We toured with professional and licensed guide, Michaela Muhr of Salzburg Experience who showed us a side of this wonderful city that we never thought existed.   Not only did we see the major sites, but she introduced us to the wonderful people of Austria like shop owners, friends, and the charming people who make this small city their home.  I thought it best for Michaela to tell you about Salzburg and today's blog post is authored by her.

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How to Get the VAT Back

Get the VAT backTravelers are always looking for ways to save money and I have a tip for you today that will put more money in your pocket without sacrificing luxury or comfort.  If you follow my tip, it won't take much time at all to save this money.

The VAT (Value Added Tax) is a hidden surcharge (about 20%) already added on to just about every retail item sold. For large purchases (over €175) on items like jewelry, clothes, antiques, or artwork, a buyer may get at least a partial refund (about 12%) of the VAT.  The eligible purchase(s) can consist of multiple items totaling more than the threshold amount, but they must be made from the same store on the same day.

Check out my blog post to find out how to save the VAT.

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Running a Small Group Tour as a Fundraising Activity

tours as fundraisersFor any type of charitable or civic organization, raising funds is an essential part of keeping the organization going and to meet its goals and objectives.   Anyone who has ever been involved in fund raising knows it can be a time-consuming and difficult task.  The Traveling Professor has helped organizations raise funds AND develop loyal members who donate year after year after year.  Read my blog post and I will tell you more of the benefits of running a tour as a fund raiser.

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Beware of Visiting Versailles

disaster at versaillesLast month, I led a group of 8 travelers to Paris.  On the itinerary was a trip to Versailles.   By train, the enormous chateau is about 40 minutes outside of Paris.  There is no doubt that Versailles is glorious and grand.  However, if not planned correctly, you might lose your head over some of the more frustrating aspects of visiting Versailles.  In this blog post I will diplomatically point out some of the shortcomings of what could be a great museum and help you enjoy your trip while having your cake and eating it too.

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The Professor's Top 5 Picks for Saving Money

paris with the traveling professorWe all know how expensive travel can be.   Being cost-conscious can allow a traveler to take that extra vacation with the money saved from previous vacations.   I consider myself to be a professional traveler and throughout the years, I have found ways to save money without sacrificing comfort or luxury.  The Traveling Professor is happy to pass on his Top 5 Ways to Save Money on to you.

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The Best Credit Card for Travel Insurance

Best Travel Credit CardsLast year, my flight from Philadelphia to Dallas was cancelled due to bad weather.  My overnight hotel and meal costs were about $175.  In Peru last year a traveler twisted a knee and needed medical attention.  A Paris traveler needed a few stitches because of a small accident.  We had a traveler to Italy and another to Peru that needed to cancel due to illness.  And another traveler, traveling alone, broke his hip in Paris and needed private plane transportation, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, to be treated in the United States.  All of the costs associated with these incidents can be covered with travel insurance.  But now, a credit card may cover you, without needing to go out and purchase additional insurance.

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Shopping for Souvenirs

best souvenirsEveryone who travels buys souvenirs.   Where is the best place to get them?  What are the best souvenirs?  What should I NOT buy as a souvenir. What makes a thoughtful souvenir?    In today's blog post, Debbie Damato tells everything anyone would want to know about getting souvenirs on your next trip.

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Why Iceland is the Latest Travel Hot Spot

small group tours to icelandThe Traveling Professor has taken small group tours to Iceland (that means about 12-14) travelers for some time now.  I can tell you first-hand, a trip to Iceland is fun and refreshing.  It seems as if travel to Iceland is increasing year after year.  I am going to tell you why Iceland, despite what you might think, is the "hottest" travel destination of 2016 and beyond.

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3 BEST Lunch Spots in Italy

Cantina del Vesuvio Traveling ProfessorI've been to Italy many times.  I've seen Rome, Florence, Padua, Siena, Venice, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Lucca and many other places multiple times.  The Traveling Professor has dined in a lot of places but in today's blog post I list my three favorite places in Italy for lunch.  We always visit them on my The Traveling Professor's small group tours and if you come with me, I will take you to these places.  But if you go on your own, don't pass on this trio of authentic and delicious Italian restaurants for the best lunch in Italy.

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4 Great Sites for Getting Great Airfares

good airline dealsSome of The Traveling Professor's most popular blog posts are on how to find great air itineraries and how to save money on flights. I have put together 4 websites that I like for not only getting the best airfares, but also get tips on how to use frequent flyer miles better, tips on credit cards, upgrades and all sorts of airline perks.

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A Visit to the Paris Theater

Best Paris TheaterPeople who go on The Traveling Professor's small group tours are busy people.  I am often amazed by how much energy they have, even after spending a day at Versailles, Notre Dame, Montmartre, or the Louvre.  My friends at "Theater in Paris" have developed a great concept that will make any visit to Paris even more enjoyable and interesting. 

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Top 5 Tips for Visiting Venice

venice what to see and doThe Traveling Professor has been going to Venice for about 5 years now and we like to visit about four times a year.  Over that time we have developed an itinerary to enjoy over a 3 or 4 day stay.   When selecting a hotel and deciding what to see and do, there are some factors to consider.  We'll go over those factors and give some choices on where to stay and what to see and do on your tour to Venice.

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British Foods We Need in North America

british foodsWhile The Traveling Professor only runs a few tours to London and Great Britain, we have found the food to be on the "interesting" side there.  There is more to British food than fish & chips or curry and the reputation of British food of being sub par is really unfair. So, I have brought in two experts, Anisa and Katherine, from the popular website, Two Traveling Texans, who spend a fair amount of time traveling to Great Britain, to give their opinion and "wish list" of foods they would like to see in the U.S.A.  

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How to Get Good Hotel Rates Overseas

best hotel deals traveling professorLodging is probably the most significant expense when traveling overseas.  If you are like me, you like to stay at a nice place and spend as little amount of money as possible.   My personal preference is to stay at a minimum of 3 star quality hotels but there are some very good 2 star properties out there too.  In today's blog post, The Traveling Professor gives a couple of tips on how to find the best hotel room at the best price.

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