Flight Deals Keep Coming

Now is the Time to Make Travel Plans

great airfaresIn the early 2000's I was regularly getting coach airfares to Europe for under $600.  By 2008 or so it was still possible to fly during peak season into Europe for under $1,000.  In the last 3 or 5 years we have seen international airfares skyrocket.  Lately, it has been hard to find airfares, even in the "off" season for under $1,000.  But 2016 has brought in a new wave of discount carriers.  We are finding great airfares from all parts of North America.  In this blog post I will tell you about some of them and how to find them.

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4 Great Sites for Getting Great Airfares

Save Money and Get the Itinerary YOU Want

good airline dealsSome of The Traveling Professor's most popular blog posts are on how to find great air itineraries and how to save money on flights. I have put together 4 websites that I like for not only getting the best airfares, but also get tips on how to use frequent flyer miles better, tips on credit cards, upgrades and all sorts of airline perks.

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5 Best Airline Tips

Five Things You Need to Know About Airlines

small group tours to europeYou have heard The Traveling Professor say before that he flies over 100,000 miles per year.  I also have Platinum status on American Airlines and belong to their "Million Miler" club.   But since I take small groups of travelers to various destinations in Europe and South America, I hear from well over 100 flyers per year on their experiences.  Over the years, I have compiled my Top 5 Best Tips on Airlines for today's blog post.

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My "Go To" Travel Websites

I Find Myself Using Them All The Time - Maybe You Should Too

best travel websitesI travel more than most people racking up about 75,000 air miles per year.  I also help other people make travel arrangements.  I find myself constantly using the same websites and travel apps not only to save money and time.   As you will see, they are mostly airline websites, train booking websites/apps, and general travel sites.   Check out my blog post to see what The Traveling Professor uses to plan his travel life.


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My Favorite Travel Websites and Apps

Tools to Make a Trip Easy

favorite travel websites

Whether going on my small group tours to Peru, advising a friend on a hotel in Venice, traveling solo to Paris, or doing some research on Spain, I always seem to be using certain travel websites and apps to help plan and enjoy my trip.   There are hundreds of travel websites out there and plenty of apps for your phone, but I've narrowed it down to just a few websites that will do the trick for me.  And as a bonus, I post the websites I never use for travel.  Check out The Traveling Professor's blog post today to see what essential websites I use to make my travel plans.

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How to Get the Best Airfares

Good Advice for Traveling to Paris, Italy, Spain and Peru

When do I buy my ticket to Paris?  What website gives me the best airfares to Italy?  What is the cheapest way to get to Spain? How do I get the best flight to Peru?   What airline do I fly to Venice?  These are questions I get almost every day.  And while airline travel is confusing, getting more and more expensive each year, travelers are using more strategies to get the cheapest airfare to Europe and South America.  I am involved with purchasing airfare for travelers all over the United States to Europe and South America.  In this blog post I will pass on to you what I have found as the best way to find the best air itineraries for travel to Paris, Italy, Spain, Peru & Machu Picchu whether traveling on your own or going on one of The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Paris, Italy, Spain or Peru.

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