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Top Travel Blog Posts of 2015

new year in parisBy the end of the year, The Traveling Professor will have made 118 blog posts on topics ranging from airfares, hotels, trip advice, insurance, itineraries and a bunch of other stuff.  In my last blog post of 2015 I am going to post links to my top blog posts of the year. These posts are loaded with time and money saving trip ideas.   Best wishes for a Happy New Year from The Traveling Professor.

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3 Good Casual Dining Spots in Paris

favorite paris restaurantsDining can be expensive in Paris, but the great food is one of the reasons we like to travel there.  Every time I return to Paris, I try new places, but I always seem to come back to these three that I love.  Read today's blog post and find out 3 good casual spots to enjoy lunch or dinner on your next trip to Paris.

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Renting an Apartment in Europe

europe apartment rentalLodging is usually the most significant expense when taking a tour to Europe.   If you are like me, hostels aren't an option and hotels can be pricey, especially in big cities like Paris or Rome.   Another great option is an apartment rental in Europe, especially if more than one bedroom is needed.   Check out today's blog post and The Traveling Professor will fill you in on some good pointers on apartment rentals in Europe.

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The Professor at The New York Times Travel Show

steve soloskyOnce again, The Traveling Professor will be exhibiting and speaking at The New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York.  This will be my third consecutive year at the show.   It is a great opportunity for people to come out and chat with me personally.   I will also be a featured speaker.   For more information about my appearance and how to get free tickets, check out my blog post.

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Four Places to Go in Paris for Monet

best place to see monet in parisMonet is arguable the most famous of all Impressionist artists.   And when in Paris, most travelers want to see the best of his works.  The Traveling Professor has picked out four of the top spots to see the best of Monet.   Check out today's blog post to find out where you can see Monet's works from his beginnings as an illustrator to the great works he is known for today.

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Iceland, Iceland and and a Bit of Italy and Peru

national d day memorialThe Traveling Professor just completed three days in New York at the New York Times Travel Show.   It was great to meet all of our travelers who came out to see us.  It was just as great to make new friends too.    We got to talk and meet face-to-face on all aspect of travel.  We learned what our travelers want in 2016.  In this blog post we will share that with you as well what we learned about upcoming trends in travel.

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Advice for Traveling to Venice

traveling professor veniceWho doesn't love Venice.  It is probably the most unique city in the world.  I have visited over a dozen times and The Traveling Professor still loves to go back again and again.  I do have some tips that will make a trip to Venice a little bit easier and more enjoyable.  Read my blog post on how to eat well, where to stay and what to do in unique Venice.

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Touring Europe in Winter

small group tour to icelandMost people stay away from Europe in the winter.   There are a lot of reasons.  Mostly weather, some people don't have vacation time time in the winter and some are too pre-occupied with the holidays.  But there are a lot of reasons to travel to Europe in the winter, in fact, I am leaving for Germany today.

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Italy Train Travel

italian train tipsSince I last published a blog post on The Professor's Best Tips on Italian Trains, a few things have changed.  It is now easier to purchase Italian train tickets and I show you how.  Of course I explain the different types of trains and some booking tips.  Check out my blog post and save time and money with my best Italian train tips.

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Germany and Austria Trip Report

traveling professor austria germanyThe Traveling Professor just got back from almost 2 weeks in Germany and Vienna.  Our visit was two-fold.  Firstly, we have family members in Germany we wanted to visit.  Secondly, we were hosted in part by the Vienna Tourist Board for the purpose of developing tours to Vienna.  Check out my blog post to get the day-by-day highlights of our voyage to Germany and Vienna including the scoop on Mozart, German and Viennese food, sights to see, and the famous Christmas markets.

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Which Country Has The Best Food?

best food in europeOn our small group tours to Paris, Italy, Norway, Austria and Germany, and Peru, part of the travel experience is the food.  It is ALL good.  But what's the best?  Every country has wonderful food.  But which country has the best food?  Everyone is going to have their own opinions but in this blog post, The Traveling Professor gives his opinion on which country has the best food.

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6 Reasons Why People are Going to Norway, Denmark, Iceland

small group tours to norwayWhen The Traveling Professor exhibited and spoke at The New York Times Travel Show in New York City, and appeared on The Rudy Maxa travel radio program, the recurring question was "Do you bring your small group tours to Iceland?".  Well of course we do.  But there is so much more than just a trip to Iceland.   With IcelandAir's free stopover program, add on a trip to Norway and Denmark for the full Scandinavian experience.  But whey are people going to Iceland, Norway and Denmark.   Read my blog post to find out why.

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Take Advantage of Flight Stopovers

best flight stopoversIt seems as if air travel gets more and more expensive, despite the drop in oil prices and the reduction of services.  What is becoming more popular, however, are the airlines offering free stopovers on trans-continental flights.  The Traveling Professor takes advantage of free stopovers and it can save hundreds of dollars on a trip.  In this blog post, he lists two great stopover options for those going to Europe.

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The Paris Restaurant Report

best paris restaurantsHere are 14 of the best Paris restaurants, for every taste and budget.  The Traveling Professor has been going to Paris for over 15 years on a labor of love, researching the best restaurants, just for you.   In this list are restaurants of all kinds - casual, lunch spots, dinner spots, romantic places, expensive places and super deals.  Whether you travel with The Professor on one of his small group tours to Paris or travel on your own, check out his Paris Restaurant Review.

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