Renting an Apartment in Europe

Advice and Links to Europe Apartment Rentals

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, January 4, 2016/Categories: General Travel

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Renting an apartment is advantageous, cost-wise, if you are staying an extended period of time (more than 7-10 days) in either Paris or Italy.  It is probably to your advantage to rent an apartment if you need 2 or more rooms.  

If you are a first-time visitor to Italy or Paris, you might not want to rent an apartment.  Remember, you won't have a desk clerk or concierge to ask the simplest questions.    If not familiar with Paris or the city in Italy where you are staying, you might wind up in an undesirable neighborhood.   

Another drawback to renting an apartment in Italy or Paris is that you are probably sending a deposit to someone you don't even know and hoping that the apartment comes as promised.

So, my simple guidelines for an apartment rental in either Paris or Italy is to use a reputable, US-based agency or only rent an apartment that comes highly recommended from someone you know who has stayed in that apartment. 

A recommendation I have for an apartment rental agency in both Italy and Paris is and www.

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