Iceland, Iceland and and a Bit of Italy and Peru

What We Learned from the NY Times Travel Show

Author: The Traveling Professor/Tuesday, January 12, 2016/Categories: Italy, Peru & Machu Picchu, Norway/Iceland/Denmark

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In our three days in New York, we took away these pointers:

Iceland:  If there was any trip people asked about, it was a tour to Iceland.  This cold place is now a "hotspot" of travel.   We were able to tell people about our tours to Iceland and how to do it right.   For more info on traveling to Iceland with The Professor, click HERE.  The Professor's presentation was packed with attendees.

Peru:  We had lots of questions here.   How to plan a trip.  When to go.  What to see.  How to make those travel arrangements.  For some great Peru info, click HERE.

People Want to Save Money:   The Professor gave 3 talks to SRO crowds at the show.   The crowd applauded his presentation on "Top Ten Ways to Save Money in Europe", especially on flying some of the new up and coming discount airlines like Norwegian Air, XL Airways, and Iceland Airlines.

People Want to Save Time:   In another SRO presentation, The Professor revealed his tips for saving time.   People furiously wrote down his tips like buying each museum's visitor pass, traveling off-season, and his against-the-grain advice of visiting the most popular attractions like the Vatican at night or later in the afternoon.

"Live from New York, it's The Traveling Professor":   Professor Solosky being interviewed live for the Rudy Maxa radio program, the most widely listened to travel program in America, is becoming a regular event from the NY Times Travel Show.

Concerns About Traveling Overseas:  I felt people were a little less sure of what to visit in Europe this year.   Safety is an issue, hence the interest in traveling to Iceland.

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