Touring Europe in Winter

Why Go? Why Stay Home?

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, January 18, 2016/Categories: General Travel

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I have toured Europe several times in the winter months.   The primary advantages of doing so are:

  • Lowest airfares of the season
  • Lack of crowds
  • Best deals on hotels and apartments

Traveling in the winter  is advantageous because airfares are usually at least 20% below the peak travel times.  I have always been able to negotiate good rates on apartments and even hotels.    So there is no doubt in my mind that a tour of Europe in the winter is going to be your least expensive time period to go.

The obvious disadvantage of traveling  in the winter is the weather.  Yes it is cold and yes, there might be a few inches of snow on the ground.   Also, some activities or sites may not be available to you.  For instance, a day trip to Giverny, is out of the questions since it is closed from November to April.  You might want to think twice about ascending the Eiffel Tower or taking that Seine River cruise.  Typical "summer" spots like Sorrento are virtually shut down.  However, there are things like the German Christmas Markets to take advantage of as well as the Northern Lights in Iceland and the rest of Scandinavia.

However, if you like cheap prices and sparse crowds, the wintertime might be the time to take a tour of Paris.

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