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How to Tour the Vatican

vaTICANOne of the most popular activities on our small group tours to Italy is a visit to Vatican City.   There are two, really three, main sites that everyone wants to see:  St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and the Sistine Chapel (the Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museum).  Although the Vatican follows pretty regular hours, there may be some surprise closing dates.   The other issue is that there can be extensive, and I mean extensive lines to get into the museums or basilica.  My tips will help you enjoy your next tour to Rome and the Vatican.

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Airport Transfer Options in Rome

small group tours to romeIt is one of the most basic questions I get, from people traveling to Rome on their own, or for people on my small group tours to Italy:  "How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Rome?".  We'll give you all of the Rome airport transfer options in this blog post to make sure you arrive safely and economically.   Read the blog post to find out how to get to your hotel in Rome from the airport.

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Two Hotel Choices in Rome

aventino guest houseWe've been taking our small group tours to Rome and the rest of Italy for about 5 years now.   When traveling to Rome and  since it is a city that is somewhat spread out, we like to stay in hotels that are convenient to local transportation.   I prefer, as well as the guests on my small group tours to Italy, like hotels that are comfortable, clean, well-run and will not break the bank.   Check out my blog post to find out two hotels I recommend for traveling to Rome.


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Best Places to Eat in Lima, Peru

la lucha lima peruTravelers on my small group tours to Peru and Machu Picchu are often surprised what a modern, progressive, and exciting city Lima, Peru is.  It is also a culinary destination that is getting more and more noticed.    I like it for the terrific food, great prices, and variety of selection.  Peruvian food is very dynamic but retains traditional tones and exciting new fusion concepts.   Contrary to what a lot of people anticipate on my small group tours to Peru and Machu Picchu, it is very unlike Mexican food.   Read my blog post to find out two of my favorite food spots in Lima, Peru.

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Specialty Markets in Paris

paris marketsParis has something for everyone.  Whether traveling on one of my small group tours to Paris or traveling on your own, everyone always wants to pick up a remembrance of their tour to Paris.   The small specialty markets of Paris provide an opportunity to take home something unique.  Personally, I have all the souvenirs I need of Paris but as an experienced traveler, I still enjoy looking around at Paris markets for those interesting knick-knacks that I can't find anywhere else.  Read today's blog post to find out more about Paris specialty markets.

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Markets in Rome

campo di fiori marketOn my small group tours to Italy, visits to Roman markets are an essential part of the tour.   What I like about the food markets are the colors and smells of flowers, fruits, vegetables, olive oils, and herbs.   There are other types of Roman markets featuring works of art, souvenirs, and other items of interest.  In fact, we will be visiting two of my favorite Roman markets described in my blog post on my next small group tour to Italy next week.

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What's the Story with Peru and Machu Picchu?

peru machu picchuEach year I take 2-5 small group tours to Peru and Machu Picchu.  The Traveling Professor has been doing that for about 3 years now.   I often speak at travel shows and with civic organization about traveling to Peru.  People call me with questions about Peru regarding altitude sickness, the safety of Peru, hotel quality, and well, they wonder if Peru is a "third-world" country.   In this blog post I will tell you more about Peru and what you can expect if you are traveling solo to Peru or on one of my small group tours to Peru and Machu Picchu.

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A Two-Week Italy Itinerary

Rome Colosseum Traveling professorOur small group tour to Italy consisting of 12 adult travelers starts when we meet in Rome on Tuesday.   We have a full and active itinerary planned for the whole time we are there.   What I like about this trip (and all of my trips) is that I enjoy the hotels, we tour on our schedule and not the schedule of some big tour company, we have some great guides lined up, the itinerary is paced so that not only is it active, we have some really lazy but fun days like when we drive into the Tuscan countryside to visit some old hill towns and wineries.   It will be a fun time in Italy and I invite you to look at our itinerary in this blog post.

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My Favorite Travel Websites and Apps

favorite travel websites

Whether going on my small group tours to Peru, advising a friend on a hotel in Venice, traveling solo to Paris, or doing some research on Spain, I always seem to be using certain travel websites and apps to help plan and enjoy my trip.   There are hundreds of travel websites out there and plenty of apps for your phone, but I've narrowed it down to just a few websites that will do the trick for me.  And as a bonus, I post the websites I never use for travel.  Check out The Traveling Professor's blog post today to see what essential websites I use to make my travel plans.

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We're on the Amalfi Coast Now

amalfiWe have a small group of 11 travelers enjoying the Amalfi Coast this minute!  Our tours of Amalfi, Sorrento, Ravello, and Positano have been nothing short of spectacular.   And let's not even mention those authentic lunches high in the hills of the Amalfi Coast.  They are without question, some of the best meals I have ever had with scenery that is unmatched anywhere.    In the blog post I have put a link to my FB page where you can see the photos and video of our trip.

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We're in Florence, Italy Now!

small group tours to italyWe are into our 2nd week on our small group tour to Italy and we have a wonderful group of 12 travelers enjoying the weather, great food, wonderful wine and the history/culture of Italy.    In Rome we saw the Colosseum, Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon.   A special tour of the Vatican will be remembered for years to come.  After taking the high-speed train up to Florence yesterday, we went on a tour into the Italian countryside with a visit to a Tuscan winery.   Read more about our small group tour in the blog post. 

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We Had a Great Time in Florence

traveling professorOur small group tour to Italy arrived in Florence on Tuesday night and it has been a great success.  We are preparing to leave this morning to travel to Venice by high-speed train.  I am sure on our adventure to Venice we will be talking about all we saw in Florence including our countryside wine tour, all the great sites of Florence including the Duomo, the frescoes, the artisan's workshops, the great Italian art, and the wonderful scenery and history of Renaissance Florence, Italy.   Please see the blog post to view our photos and comments on this wonderful small group tour to Italy.

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