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Running a Small Group Tour as a Fundraising Activity

tours as fundraisersThe Traveling Professor runs small group tours for adults to Paris, Italy, Norway, Ireland, and Peru.   Most of the time, travelers come together from different parts of North America for a week or so to enjoy a culturally enriching and fun adventure.  However, I have run tours for charitable or non-profit organizations where one of the objectives is to raise money for the group or a particular cause.  In this blog post I will describe the benefits of running a tour for as a fundraiser.

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Black Friday Travel Deals

traveling professors guide to parisThe Traveling Professor jumps on the bandwagon and is offering his special "Black Friday" travel deals to everyone on his mailing list.  This is your opportunity to get a discount on The Traveling Professor's already affordable small group tours.   Check out the blog post to see what the special deals are.

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Holiday Travel Gifts

The Traveling Professor logs about 75,000 miles in the air each year.   Internationally, I have traveled to Italy four times in 2014, I have gone to Paris twice, have visited Norway, and have been to Peru.   Domestically, I have visited Savannah, Charleston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Tucson, Dallas (four times), and Austin (twice).   Actually, it was a light year for me.   But through my traveling, I have come across some great items that I can recommend to you whether you are taking a small group tour to Paris for a week or a weekend trip to Chicago.

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The Cheapest Way To Get To Europe This Summer

norwegian airIn planning a tour to Europe, airfare is usually the biggest expense, right behind lodging costs.   People are always asking me the how to get the best airfares to Europe and I think I have a solution.   While it normally may cost $1,200 to $1,500 to get to Europe in the peak summer months, check out my blog post to cut about 25% off of that cost.
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What to Do If Passport is Lost or Stolen

passport stolen traveling professorEveryone thinks it will not happen to them - but it does.  On my small group tours to Paris, Spain, Peru, and Italy we have had a total of 3 people lose passports in the past 5 years.   Because travelers were well-prepared, they got the documents back quickly and they were able tor resume their trip.  If they were not prepared - the tour would have been ruined.  Take a look at the steps to follow in case of a lost or stolen passport.

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Hidden Gems in Paris

cimetiere des chiensJust about any tour to Paris includes the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and Montmartre.   And frankly, they should.  However on The Traveling Professor's tours we try to do give the traveler a bit more than the usual experience.   Check out today's blog post and I will tell you about some of the more obscure places worth visiting on a trip to Paris.

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Favorite Cocktails When Traveling Abroad

favorite travel cocktailsLet's face it, whether we are on a small group tour of Paris, a trip to Italy, or on a Traveling Professor adventure to Peru, everyone is on vacation and likes to enjoy a local cocktail (or two).   In this edition of The Traveling Professor's blog, I will tell you about three of my favorite cocktails when traveling to Paris, Italy, and Peru.  I will also give you the details on how to make them.  Santé, Salud, and Salute!

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Picking a Hotel in Paris

best paris 3 star hotelAll Paris hotels are graded by a "star" system, from no stars to 5 stars.   Some travelers like to select a hotel based solely on the star system.   What they don't know is that the star system does not take into consideration the size or location of a room.  So, for instance, you can get a 3 or 4 star hotel that is practically outside of town with a teeny, tiny room and you can get a 2-star located in the heart of the city center with a big room.  But let's talk about the start system in today's Paris blog post.

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Best Way to Visit the Vatican

vatican museum visitWhen on tour in Rome, one of the top attractions is the Vatican and Sistine Chapel.  Therefore, one of the most crowded attractions in Rome (and just about anywhere else The Traveling Professor tours), is the Vatican.  It is not unusual to see lines stretching for hundreds of yards that will take visitors hours to wait on.  Take a look at my blog post to see how to visit the Vatican while minimizing the crowds and maximizing your enjoyment while on tour in Rome.

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Tips for Taking the High Speed Trains in Italy

trenitalia traveling professorTrain travel in Italy is easy, relatively cheap, and fast.   On The Traveling Professor tours to Italy we often use train travel to go from one city to another.   It beats those big motorcoach tours and makes a tour to Italy more authentic.   In today's blog post I will give a couple of tips on how to make your train travel experience in Italy easier and less expensive.

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A Tour of Siena Italy

tour italy to sienaOn most of The Traveling Professor tours to Italy, we try to make a stop in at least one Tuscan hill town.  My choice for the best spot to visit would be Siena.  It is close to Florence and makes for an easy day trip.   There is plenty to see and do in Siena.  The food is good and one of the best piazzas in Italy, Il Campo, is a terrific way to enjoy your meal.  Read the blog post to find out more about a visit to Siena.

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What to Look for in a Group Tour

small group toursWhy go on a group tour?  How to select the best group tour?  What makes a good group tour?   The Traveling Professor has been taking small groups of travelers to Paris, Italy, Peru, and Spain since 2009.   There are a lot of reasons why people travel in a group and what makes up a good group tour.  Read today's blog post to see if a group tour is for you and what factors make the best group tour.

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Best Paris Lunch Spots

best lunch in parisOf course anyone who goes on a tour to Paris is going to want to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Orsay.   All of that "hard work" leads up to a hearty appetite.   Through my extensive tours to Paris I have found the best places to have lunch.   Check out today's Paris blog and see The Traveling Professor's picks for the best lunch in Paris.

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Ladies Only to Paris and Italy

womens only tours parisThe Traveling Professor has been taking people to Europe since 2009.  About 2 years ago we introduced "Ladies Only" tours to Paris and they became a big hit.   In 2015 we will be running our first Traveling Professor tour to Italy for women only.   Why are tours for women so popular?  We'll talk about in today's Traveling Professor blog post.  I will also mention two websites that cover women's travel.

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Is Europe Getting Cheaper?

cheap europeWhen the euro was first introduced about 15 years ago, it cost about 95 cents to buy one.  It was a true bargain to go to Europe.  I remember staying in 5-star hotels in Paris for under $200 per night.   The same hotel is four times the price now.  I can remember purchasing a R/T flight to Paris for $351 on American Airlines.   In the last few years, the euro has gone as high as about $1.50.  Now that the dollar is strong and oil is under $60 a barrel, what can we expect in prices on your next tour to Paris or Italy?

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2nd Tier Paris Museums

best museums in paris traveling professorThe Louvre, Orsay, the Pompidou.   These are not only some of the best museums in Paris, they are the among the best museums in the world.   However, Paris has some other attractions that would probably be superstars if they were not overshadowed by these heavy-hitters.   On your next tour to Paris, after visiting the big shots, visit some of the names that are overshadowed by the best museums in Paris.

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Best Travel Websites

best travel websitesWhether I am planning a small group tour to Italy, planning a personal trip to Spain, or helping someone put together a tour of Europe, I always find myself coming back to the same websites.   The components of any tour to Europe is going to be airfares, hotels, transportation reservations, and tickets.    In this blog post, I have listed the best travel websites that I use in planning a tour to Europe for small groups or for anyone else.

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Best Budget Hotels in Paris

hotel chopin traveling professorHotels can make up the most expensive component of a tour to Paris.   When The Traveling Professor tours Paris either individually or when taking a small group tour to Paris, hotel selection is important but not only for cost.   Having a hotel in a central location is a top priority too.   In that I mean it is accessible to good transportation, it is in a place where there are dining, shopping, and entertainment options after I am done with a day of touring.   And of course, getting a good, sound sleep is important too.   On top of all of that, getting a good value is the icing on the cake.   Rely on The Traveling Professor's experience and get his picks for three of the best budget hotels in Paris in today's blog post.

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