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The Single Supplement Explained

Single SupplementThe first thing The Traveling Professor does in the morning is open emails from travelers.  This morning I received one from a traveler that (in part) read, "As a single traveler, I do not feel my fee [the single supplement] should underwrite the cost of a couple or two people in the same room.  Single traveler do not use more services than coupled travelers; thus no need for a fee.  Single supplements are discriminatory towards the single traveler.".   So, let me take the opportunity to explain exactly what the single supplement is and why it exists and why nearly all single travelers pay it and how The Traveling Professor helps single travelers.

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Great Airfares are Here: How to Get Them

where to find bargain airfaresThe Traveling Professor has been hearing tourism is down, especially in Europe and South America.  People generally don't like traveling during an election year.  Terrorism fears have put a damper on travel to places like Paris and Italy.  My guides, hotels and other sources think tourism has declined about 30% this year.  The Zika virus has put many travelers plans on hold to spots like Peru and Machu Picchu.   Of course we all deplore any kind of terror and violence and we sympathize with those affected with the Zika virus, those willing to travel will find low prices and less crowds.  Today's blog post tells you of some fantastic airfares to Europe and how to find them.
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We're Off to Copenhagen, Norway and Iceland

small group tours to norwayOn Monday, The Traveling Professor arrives in Copenhagen to start a small group tour to Copenhagen, Norway and Iceland.  We have a nice group of people joining us with about half of them traveling with us before.  There are solo travelers, couples, friends, even a father/son.  Follow the trip on Facebook and look at the tour itinerary in today's blog post.

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Top 5 Favorite Things About Copenhagen

small group tour copenhagenWe arrived in Copenhagen 2 days ago on a Traveling Professor small group tour with 13 travelers.  Our first stop is Copenhagen where we are staying at the Admiral Hotel near the Nyhavn Canal.  There are lots of things to like about Copenhagen and I will tell you my Top 5 things about this lovely Danish city in today's blog post.

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4 Inexpensive Paris Hotels

inexpensive paris hotelsLooking for an inexpensive hotel in Paris?  The Traveling Professor has some picks for you.  They are all great values and I have selected hotels in various parts of the city.  Why spend a lot of money on hotels when you can get a great place to stay for a terrific rate.  Read The Professor's picks on the best inexpensive hotels in Paris.

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5 Things to Love About Norway

small group tour to norwayWe just got back from a small group tour to Copenhagen, Norway, and Iceland.   Six of our days were spent in Oslo, Flam, and Bergen.  Norway has plenty to offer travelers and in this blog post, I'll tell you what they liked the best.  By the way, we will be offering another small group tour to Norway (plus Denmark and Iceland) in 2017.  If not on our mailing list, sign up to get first notice of the tour.

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Should You Fly Icelandair?

should you fly icelandairIcelandair is a low-cost carrier serving 16 North American airports.  All flights from North America go through Iceland's Keflavik airport on their way to over 40 destinations in Europe.  I have been on several Icelandair flights in the past year as well as many of our Traveling Professor travelers on our small group tours to Iceland.  In this blog post I will relay my personal experiences and opinions on flying Icleandair.

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6 Things to Love About Iceland

small group tours to icelandWe returned from our small group tour to Iceland last Monday night.  This is the third time we have visited and as usual, found it to be a delight.  Whenever I return from a trip, people ask me what I liked about it.  Read today's blog post to hear my 6 favorite things about my trip to Iceland.

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3 Day Trips from Paris

day trips outside of parisNot only are there many great attractions within Paris, there are many good ones outside of town too.  In today's blog post, The Professor lists several exciting and easy-to-do trips that won't require an overnight stay outside of town.  Read the blog post to find out what's fun and easy to do on your next tour to Paris.

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Flight Deals Keep Coming

great airfaresIn the early 2000's I was regularly getting coach airfares to Europe for under $600.  By 2008 or so it was still possible to fly during peak season into Europe for under $1,000.  In the last 3 or 5 years we have seen international airfares skyrocket.  Lately, it has been hard to find airfares, even in the "off" season for under $1,000.  But 2016 has brought in a new wave of discount carriers.  We are finding great airfares from all parts of North America.  In this blog post I will tell you about some of them and how to find them.

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Where Is The Professor Going in 2017?

traveling professor small group tourSo far this year we have taken small group tours to Paris, Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), Copenhagen, Norway, and Iceland.   We have a few trips remaining in 2016 - Paris, Italy, and to the Austrian/Bavarian Christmas markets in 2016.   Travelers have already been asking me where we can take them in 2017.   You are going to scream with joy when you find out where you can join up with The Professor on one of his special small group tours next year. 

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3 Inexpensive Hotels Near the Eiffel Tower

paris hotels eiffel towerEveryone loves to stay in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower when they visit Paris.  However, hotels in the exclusive 7th arrondissement can be expensive.  In fact, everything can be expensive in the 7th arrondissement.  But The Professor has done the work for you to come up with 3 inexpensive (well, relatively inexpensive) places for you to stay near the Eiffel Tower.

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