Why You Should Go To Cuba NOW..Not Later

Go Now...And Not Five Years from Now

cuba with the traveling professorThe Traveling Professor resisted the opportunity to run a small group tour to Cuba because of the restrictions, expense, and other special situations.  Earlier this year we were presented with a program that just fit our requirements perfectly and we decided to offer it to our clients because we think NOW is the time to visit Cuba.   See why in The Traveling Professor's blog post.

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Where is The Professor Going in 2016?

We Have a Few Surprises for You

istanbul traveling professorWe get ideas on proposals for new places to travel all the time.  Most of them come from travelers we meet at trade shows or on trips they are currently on.   We are also approached by many different sources (mostly tourist board or tour operators) to run trips.   A lot of new and exciting things will be going on in 2016, and we think it might be the biggest year yet  for The Traveling Professor's tours.  To take a look at where we are thinking of going in 2016, take a look at today's travel blog post.

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