5 Fun Things to Do in Paris

Have Some Fun in The City of Light

fat tire bike tours parisOf course on a tour to Paris we love to visit museums, historic sites, eat, and shop.  But there is more to do on your next trip to Paris.  There are some terrific ways to relax and in this blog post I have listed 5 fun things to do while on a tour to Paris.   We would love to hear your comments too.

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Things I Always Do When in Paris

Even After Over 50 Tours to Paris, I Still Enjoy It

After 50 tours to Paris, I stopped counting.   But why go so much?  Paris is a city of discovery where there is something new every time I go.   Whether it be leading my small group tours to Paris or traveling solo to Paris, it never gets tired.   But what does a person do who has been to Paris as many times as I have been.  Check out the blog post for some inspiration of what to do on your next tour to Paris.

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