Things I Always Do When in Paris

Even After Over 50 Tours to Paris, I Still Enjoy It

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Whether traveling solo to Paris or leading a small group tour for adults, here are some of the things I always try to do:

Dine at Chartier:  The food isn’t that great but it is cheap and it is fun.   If I am traveling solo to Paris they will seat me with other diners.  I’ve met people from Finland, Korea, Brazil, and that far-off place called Brooklyn!   Try it – you’ll like it.

Stroll Along the Seine River:   Just about any part of the river is worthwhile strolling through, but near Notre Dame the scenery is the best and I enjoy looking at the offering from the bouquinistes lined up along the side.

Try a New Neighborhood for Dinner or Lunch:
 The wonderful thing about Paris is that it is always changing.   Neighborhoods go through transitions and changes endlessly.   I like to do some research in the NY Times to see what new and exciting restaurants are opening up in some double-digit arrondissement and sometimes I find an exciting and hip new neighborhood altogether.

Go Somewhere I Have Never Been to Before:  On past trips it has been the Museum of Medicine (Latin Quarter), Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (one of the most visited sites in Paris you never heard of), Jim Haynes dinner (see, a market, a shop, or even religious services.

Take a Day Trip:  Sometimes staying in the city for a week is a little much for me.  I might want to take a train to the Champagne region, Giverny (home of Monet), Strasbourg (now that there is high-speed train service), or Chartres.  Sometimes a multi-day trip is in order like the Loire Valley or the Normandy Invasion Beaches.

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