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Iceland Trip Report

tours to icelandAfter finishing up in Norway, our small group did a 4-day, 3 night excursion to Iceland.  I never thought I would ever go to Iceland, but now, I can't wait to go back.   The amount and quality of natural beauty far exceeded my expectations.  Take a look at today's blog post to get the scoop on our tour to Iceland with The Traveling Professor.

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Organizing a Tour as a Fund Raiser

fund raising toursI usually advertise about 10-12 tours for the general public on The Traveling Professor website.  However, what you don't see on the website is the schedule for private tours.  Some of the private tours are for civic organizations, charitable organizations, or special interest groups.   These tours are organized with fund-raising in mind.   Take a look at the blog post for some ideas of running a tour for fund-raising purposes.

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Why You Should Go To Cuba NOW..Not Later

cuba with the traveling professorThe Traveling Professor resisted the opportunity to run a small group tour to Cuba because of the restrictions, expense, and other special situations.  Earlier this year we were presented with a program that just fit our requirements perfectly and we decided to offer it to our clients because we think NOW is the time to visit Cuba.   See why in The Traveling Professor's blog post.

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Why People Like Northern Europe So Much

small group tours to norwayThe Traveling Professor just returned from a small group tour to Norway and Iceland.  It has quickly become our most popular tour, even more popular than our small group tours to Italy or Paris.   I took the time to talk with our travelers and ask them why they were attracted to a tour of Norway and Iceland and what motivated them to go.  Check out my blog post to see why.

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How to Enjoy Italy

how to avoid crowds in italyThe Traveling Professor runs several small group tours to Italy every year.   We go to Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, and Venice.  We even do tours to The Veneto region which encompasses Padua, Verona, Vicenza, and Lake Garda.   Travelers complain that Italy has become too touristy, too crowded, and too expensive.   Listen to what I say about making your trip to Italy more pleasant.

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The Rome Problem

The Traveling Professor has been running small group tours to Italy, including Rome, for about 5 years now.   Although Rome is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, it has its issues.   There was even a recent article in The New York Times (see it on my FB page) describing the problems Rome is facing.   For my take on the issues, see my Rome blog post.

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Value Priced Hotels in Paris for the Summer

paris hotel air conditioningIt has been a summer to forget in Paris with temperatures skyrocketing.   Believe it or not, a good percentage of hotels in Paris do not have air conditioning.  Finding a budget hotel in Paris with air conditioning is another matter.   But if you look at The Traveling Professor's blog post, I will turn you on to a couple of budget-priced hotels in Paris to enjoy even in the hot summer.

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Two Carry On Bags to Consider

best carry on luggageWhen travelers converge on one of my small group tours, the first order of business is to usually compare suitcases.  Which is the lightest?  Which rolls better?  Which one is the most convenient?  What is the cost of the suitcase.  In this blog post The Traveling Professor tries to optimize packing skills by helping you select the best luggage options for your next small group tour with The Professor.

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Where to Stay in Florence

dependance machiavelli florenceFlorence is probably The Traveling Professor's favorite Italian city.   We love it because it is compact, chock-full of culture and good food, and it works well as a base for exploring other cities like Siena, Lucca, and Chianti.   One question that is always posed to me is, "where should I stay in Florence?".  Look at my blog post for The Professor's places to stay in the Renaissance City.

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Private Tour Guides in Paris

black paris toursFor years I would go to Paris, armed with a guide book, and experienced the most wonderful city in the world.   Today, in addition to using guide books, phone apps, and audio guides, people tour Paris on their own.  However, in order to get the most out of a trip to Paris, hire a professional, licensed tour guides.   In order to be a licensed tour guide (and they do need to be licensed), a guide goes through a rigorous process of being certified.  See the blog post for recommendations on Paris tour guides.

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