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The Grand Vittoria Excelsior Hotel

grand vittoria sorrentoNormally, The Traveling Professor small group tours stay in 3-star or 4-star hotels on his tours to Paris, Italy, and Scandinavia.   This time we are with a small group tour and we were able to get a 4-night stay in the luxurious Grand Vittoria Excelsior overlooking the cliffs on the Bay of Naples.   Check out my blog post to find out more of our experience in Italy.

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Italy Trip Report

small group tours to italyThe Traveling Professor is back in Italy with 10 travelers on a small group tour.  We arrived last Sunday and are about 3/4 of the way done with our tour.   We have been quite lucky with the weather with only a little bit of rain showing up today.   But to get the full scoop on our small group tour to Italy, check out today's blog post by The Traveling Professor.

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Observations Of Our Small Group Tour to Paris

small group tours to parisI just got back from leading a small group tour to Paris with 7 travelers.   Our itinerary included a Seine River cruise, Versailles, Notre Dame, Conciergerie, Sainte Chapelle, Rodin Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, Louvre, Orsay, Orangerie, Montmartre, and the Marais.  It was an ambitious itinerary and we had the good fortune to have the services of the BEST guides in Paris.  Look at my blog post to see my observations of our latest small group tour to Paris.

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Where to Stay in Venice

Venice Hotel PicksVenice is one of The Professor's top destinations for his small group tours to Italy.   Since lodging will probably be the most significant cost of any tour and the importance of selecting a well-located hotel cannot be underestimated, The Traveling Professor has come up with a list of his Venice hotel picks.  Check out The Traveling Professor's blog to find the best place to stay on your next tour to Venice.

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Getting Around in Venice

small group tours to veniceWhen on a small group tour to Venice, The Traveling Professor prepares travelers by telling them that are no cars or taxis within the historic area of Venice.   The only way to get around is by walking or by some type of watercraft.   Although the historic area of Venice is walkable, it can be a problem when getting luggage to the hotel or for transport to/from the airport.  In this blog post I will explain some of the transport options for your next tour to Venice.

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Italy Train Travel Basics

small group tours to italyOn our Traveling Professor small group tours to Italy, we enjoy traveling by train.  It is fast, efficient, and economical.  It lets us mingle with the locals to give a better flavor of Italy.   In today's blog post The Traveling Professor covers the basics of Italian train travel in terms of types of trains and purchasing tickets.

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Paris Restaurant Report

Paris Restaurant ReportHere it is!  The Traveling Professor's Restaurant Report.   I have carefully selected 14 restaurants for every taste and budget.  Whether you travel with The Traveling Professor on a small group tour to Paris or if you travel to Paris on your own, use this handy guide to find a great spot.  I've listed casual and formal restaurants.  Places for lunch, dinner and even breakfast.   Bon appetit!

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Italy Top Secret Restaurant List

italy secret eating spotsOn our Traveling Professor small group tours to Italy, over the years we have tried many, many different eating spots. Some work out well, others don't. But over the years The Traveling Professor has built up a list of reliable eating spots. Some are touristy, some are authentic. However, whenever we go there, we are sure to enjoy a good meal. Check out these spots on your next trip to Sorrento, Florence, or Venice.
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3 Classic French Restaurants

best paris restaurantsThere is nothing like dining at a classic French restaurant.  Not only is the food spectacular, but dining is an event.  Tables are graciously decorated, the room is a sight to behold, and there is something so nice about professional French service.  In today's The Traveling Professor's blog post, I will talk about 3 of my favorite French restaurants.

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Top Ten Ways to Save Money (and Time) in Europe

save money in europeEveryone wants to go to Paris, London, Italy, Spain, Norway and just about everywhere else in Europe. And everyone wants to save money.  However, they don't want to go through great pains to save a few euros.   In today's blog post, The Traveling Professor shows his top ten ways to save money on your next tour to Europe.

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Venice and the Veneto

Italy With The Traveling ProfessorRome and Florence are beautiful, there is no doubt about it.  However, there is a side to Italy that is less touristy, more authentic, filled with natural beauty, architecture, history, culture, and great food.  It is also less crowded and more affordable.   In May of 2016 The Traveling Professor will offer another small group tour to Italy, this one to Venice and the Veneto region to include Padua, Verona, Vicenza, and Treviso.   Read today's blog post to find out more.

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3 Bargain Paris Hotels

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when on a tour to an expensive city like Paris.  I have been to Paris over 50 times, either traveling solo or on one of The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Paris.   I have found 3 hotels that are not only a good value, they are well-located, are comfortable, and are reasonably priced.   Take a look at The Professor's picks for bargain hotels in Paris in today's blog post. 

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European Customer Service

customer service europeOne of the reasons we all travel is to experience the differences of our cultures.   The American concept of "customer service" is different from that of Europe.  I find that this does cause confusion among travelers and sometimes even anger or disdain.   But if you know what to expect on your next tour to Europe, I think you will have a more enriching experience.

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