«December 2016»

Austrian Bavarian Christmas Market Tour Report

Christmas market tourThe Traveling Professor just returned home from our inaugural small group tour to the Christmas Markets of Bavaria and Austria.  Ten travelers joined us for a over a week of Christmas scenery, foods, traditions and fun.  We started our small group tour in Vienna, worked our way to Salzburg via Steyr, spent time in Salzburg and finished up in Munich.  See the blog post for details on our tour.

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The Perfect Travel Gift for Your Husband

best travel gift for husbandLooking for that perfect travel gift for you husband or man in your life?  Buying a travel gift can be difficult for anyone, but buying a travel gift for a man is even harder.  Check out my blog post and I will tell you about the travel gift that every man wants, but better yet, it is the travel gift he wants you to get for him.

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Paris vs. Vienna

small group tour viennaThe Traveling Professor has been to both Paris and Vienna multiple times in 2016.  Both of them are wonderful cities.  I would visit any of them any time.  But which one is better?  Where would you prefer to travel to right now.  In today's blog post I compare the two cities and let you decide.  By the way, The Traveling Professor will be running small group tours to Paris in 2017 as well as small group tours to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

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Travel Product of the Month

best travel giftsEveryone has been asking me what are the best travel gifts for Christmas?  On my small group tours to Europe and South America, there are always some things I use all the time.  I have listed 6 items that make terrific gifts and they can be shipped directly to you or to those you love before Christmas.  So, check out these 6 great travel Christmas gifts.

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New Traveling Professor Destination: Croatia

Small Group Tour to Croatia 2017When we did our traveler survey back in August, one of the top requests for a new Traveling Professor small group tour was to Croatia in 2017.  We've been working on Croatia for several months now and we think we've put together the best small group tour to Croatia that can be found.   Check out the blog post to find out more about our exciting Traveling Professor small group tour to Croatia.

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How I Made Over $1,000 on My Travel Credit Card

chase sapphire card testimonialUsually I stay away from credit card offers.  There always seems to be some sort of catch and the bank winds up on the winning side of the deal and not me.   But I got a Chase Sapphire Card Reserve Card and used its benefits to turn it into AT LEAST a $1,000 net profit for me.   To see how you can do it, read my blog post.

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My Favorite Cities Few People Visit

small group tours to venice If you ask me, cities like Rome, Venice, and Paris are barely worth visiting during peak times.  Our Traveling Professor small group tours avoid these cities in the summer and certain holiday periods.   However, there are gems located all over Europe that can be visited any time of the year.  Each has it's own charms for different reasons.   On your next tour to Europe, try visiting one of these cities, even for only a day.  I guarantee you will enjoy them.

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3 Bargain Hotels Near the Eiffel Tower

bargain hotels near eiffel towerOn our small group tours to Paris, we like to stay in the trendy and fashionable 5th arrondissement.  However, another favorite spot of Paris travelers is near the Eiffel Tower.  It is no secret that tourism is down in Paris due to recent unfortunate incidents.  Therefore, hotel deals abound.  Here are The Traveling Professor's picks for bargain hotels near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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New Tour for 2017: Budapest, Vienna, and Prague

small group tour to pragueThe Traveling Professor is adding a new small group tour for 2017:  Budapest, Vienna, and Prague.  There is no doubt, these are the most beautiful cities in Europe.  And yes, I will go out on a limb and say they are more beautiful than my beloved Paris.  The cities of Budapest, Vienna, and Prague offer an unusually good value compared to other parts of Europe.  We have picked special hotels, have developed a wonderful small group tour itinerary, and have some great itineraries lined up.  Read more in the blog post.

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