«November 2016»

Two Places to Spend Halloween in Paris

What to do in Paris on HalloweenOn our last small group tour to Paris, we were there during the Halloween season.   Halloween in Paris is catching on.  There are Halloween parties, and the storefronts do have Halloween displays.   In today's blog post, I will give you some tips on good places to spend Halloween in Paris.

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5 Dining Secrets of Florence

food in florenceMelanie Wilson is a colleague who lived in Florence for some time as a student.   She is like a food detective who goes out early in the morning or late at night to satisfy her culinary desires.   In today's blog post Melanie tells about her favorite places in Florence.   I suspect you won't find too many of these food spots in a guidebook, so when they ask you how you found the place, tell them Melanie sent you. 

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Travel Product of the Month

ebags packing cubesYeah, I AM going to call myself a packing expert.   With anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 air miles per year for over 10 years I think I have learned a thing or two of how to pack a bag.  This month I have a product for you that not only will help in packing clothes, but in finding them when you do have them packed.  Read my blog post and find out about The Traveling Professor's Travel Product of the Month

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Travel Product of the Month

eddie bauer backpackI like to travel light.  Whether I take a 3-day or 30-day trip, I always carry-on luggage.  In previous “Travel Products of the Month”,,I have featured two great carry-on rollaway pieces that are normally stowed in the overhead bin.  However, the airlines permit at least one personal item that can be stowed under the seat or in the overhead bin.   This Travel Product of the Month features a personal item that I take on every trip.
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4 Places in Paris for a Light Meal or Snack

snack in ParisParis has thousands and thousands of dining options.  Travelers will not go hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  But there are those times when you want to grab something quick or something light.  In today's blog post I will give some ideas on where to find a light meal or quick snack while in Paris.  I have suggestions for light sit-down meals and for grab and go.

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Where to Stay in Rome

best hotels in romeRome is a favorite destination of travelers and The Traveling Professor visits several times a year on his small group tours to Italy. Finding a hotel accommodation near transportation options, in a quiet location, at a reasonable price can be a challenge.  After many, many tours to Italy, The Professor shares his recommendations for the best hotels in Rome. Read the blog post and find out what the best hotels in Rome are.

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Where to Eat in Venice

best places to eat in veniceOn his small group tours to Italy, The Traveling Professor visits Venice about 4 times per year.  There are many choices of places to eat, some authentic and good, some not too authentic and not too good.  The Traveling Professor helps you wade through your choices and gives a few selections of the best places to eat in Venice on your next tour to Italy.

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