5 Tips for Using a Credit Card Overseas

Save Money and Time

tips on using credit cards overseasThe safest and most efficient way to pay for items while traveling overseas is to use a credit card. Amex is widely accepted but not as much as the Visa and MasterCard. By the way, forget about Traveler's Checks.  In countries like Norway, Iceland, and Denmark, it seems as if credit cards are the preferred method of payment and on some of these trips, we never even touch cash.  In places, especially southern Italy, cash is king. But there are 5 things to remember when using a credit card overseas.  Check my blog post for my tips on using credit cards overseas.

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Best Travel Credit Card Deals

Part Two of The Professor's Series

world executive mastercardThe Traveling Professor has been looking at credit card deals as they apply to travelers.  We primarily look at what types of travel benefits these cards give in terms of miles, waived fees, and priority access.   In today's blog post we look at another card that offers the benefit of Admiral's Club membership as a perk.   Read The Professor's blog post to find out more about a great travel credit card deal.

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Using a Credit Card in Europe

Use These Tips to Save Money and Eliminate Hassles

how do i use a credit card in europeOn all of my small group  tours to Paris, Italy and Spain, The Traveling Professor recommends using a credit card to pay for as many things as possible.   However, it is important to use a credit card in Europe wisely.   In this blog post, I give some basic tips for credit card use in Europe that will save the traveler money and help avoid problems.

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Europe Packing List

For Travelers to Paris, Spain, and Italy

Paris Packing ListWhether taking a small group tour to Paris, traveling by yourself to Spain, or going with a travel partner to Italy, what to pack is an important element of a trip.  I travel on 5-7 international trips annually.  Over the years I have learned what to pack.  But more importantly, I have learned what NOT to pack on a trip to Europe.  Read the blog post and get my advice on how to pack for a trip to Europe.
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