Get Through Airport Security Lines Fast

Don't Wait Like Everyone Else

how to get through TSA security fastThe worst thing about international travel these days is flying. One thing that makes that experience so horrible is getting through security. However, there are ways to get through security quickly and I will guarantee you this - some of them you have never heard of before.  Check out today's blog post and get through that security line pronto!

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How to Get Through Airport Security Quickly

6 Tips for Getting on Your Flight Fast

get through airport security quicklyFor me, the only part of traveling I don't like is getting through the airport.  It can be a real hassle dealing with the long security lines.  And if I'm running on the late side, it an be stressful too.  I fly about 75,000 to 100,000 air miles a year all over the United States and Europe and through trial and error, I have learned quite a bit on how to get through airport security lines quickly.

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How to Beat the Lines at the Airport

Beat Long Security Lines at AirportThe horror stories are coming in already of the unbelievable delays getting through security lines at the airport.  Peter Greenberg reports the TSA is short-staffed and poorly managed resulting in ultra long waits at the airport and flyers missing their planes.  The Traveling Professor recently waited over 20 minutes for TSA Pre-Check (the fast lane) at DFW.  Even the TSA is apologizing for the long lines travelers will face this summer.   Read the blog post for The Traveling Professor's tips on getting through security as quick as possible and getting to your seat quickly.

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