Perfect One Week Itinerary in Paris

A Week Long Itinerary for the City of Light

best week long Paris itineraryThe Traveling Professor's small group tours to Paris have taken hundreds of travelers to the City of Light.  Over the years we have developed a wonderful week-long itinerary. For each day, The Professor has put together a logical and easy to do Paris plan. It's a perfect week long itinerary for Paris, especially for those who have never been there before. Of course there is much more to see and do than what The Professor has listed, but that gives an excuse to come back for another visit. As you browse through the Paris itinerary, it is planned for an efficient tour that makes the most of a week in Paris.

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Top 5 Tips for Saving Money and Time on a European Trip

Save Time and Money Without Sacrificing Luxury

How to Save Money in EuropeIn my 100+ trips to Europe, I have learned quite a bit.  I have learned how to save money and time on airfares, hotels, tours, meals, and transportation.  But I never pinch pennies at the expense of comfort.  For instance, I would not choose to save $200 on a flight if the savings meant that I would need multiple connections or endure 24+ hour flights over a direct flight.  I would not choose to stay in a hostel outside of city limits over a centrally located comfortable hotel just to save 25 euros a night.  Check out The Professor's practical travel tips to save time and money on your next international trip to Europe.

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Public Transportation Ticketing Options in Paris

Bus and Metro Ticketing Made Easy

traveling professorPublic transportation is the best way to get around in Paris.  On all of our small group tours to Paris, we only take the bus and the metro.  It gets us where we want to go in Paris quickly and inexpensively.   The types of tickets can be confusing, so in the following Paris blog post I have outlined the most common Paris ticketing options.   

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Paris Public Transportation Ticketing Options

For Riding the Bus and Metro

Paris MetroWhether traveling on one of my Traveling Professor small group tours to Paris or going on your own tour of Paris, the best way to get around is by bus or metro.   Both the Paris bus and metro are economical, cover the city extremely well, and operate frequently.   In this blog post we won't talk too much about the virtues of the Paris public transportation system, but we'll discuss what kind of transportation tickets to buy for your next trip to Paris.

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