Should I Cancel My Trip Due to the Corona Virus?

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what to do about travel and Corona virus Should you cancel or postpone your trip due to the Corona virus?  The Traveling Professor helps you answer that question and suggests factors to be considered in coming to a decision.  We have many small group tours coming up this year. Travelers have started asking us questions (we get more and more of them everyday).  One problem with addressing this issue is that the situation is developing. News about the Corona virus changes daily.  We don't know what the situation is going to be later today, tomorrow, next month or next year but it's wise for travelers to keep updated.  Read today's blog post for more.
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Travel Insurance and the Corona Virus

Will the Cost of Your Trip be Protected?

what to do about travel and Corona virusFirst and foremost, the Corona Virus is a human tragedy.  The primary concern is the threat to human health and life. Many people have booked trips or are in the process of booking trips to countries that have been affected by the Corona Virus.  Places like South America, Iceland, Norway as of today, seem practically unaffected. Other countries like China of course, as well as Italy seem to have an increasing amount of cases. What should the traveler know about protecting the cost of their trip.  Look at The Professor's travel blog post today to find out more.
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