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Altitude Sickness

altitude sickness, soroche, AMSI was exhibiting at the Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show this weekend and one of the most common concerns brought up by people interested in a tour to Peru and Machu Picchu was the issue of altitude sickness, also known as soroche or AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).   No matter how you slice it, 10% of all travelers to Peru and Machu Picchu will get it, but in this blog post I will give my tips on how to avoid it and how to handle altitude sickness if you do indeed get it while on a tour to Peru.

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The Traveling Professor's Guide to Paris, 2nd Edition

Traveling ProfessorIt's here!  The 2nd edition of The Traveling Professor's Guide to Paris was officially published on Monday.   It is revised with over 20% more content based upon my many, many trips to Paris and my experiences in taking hundreds of people to Paris on my small group tours.   It still maintains it's concise format, combined with practical information that made the first edition of the book the smashing success that it was.   It is available through Amazon.Com at http://goo.gl/TNFCkk or through me directly.  Read the blog post to see what's inside and to order the book through me directly.

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When to Visit Paris

best time visit parisI can visit Paris any of day of the year and enjoy it.   However, there are advantages and disadvantages of going on a tour to Paris, depending upon the time of year visiting.  I can tell you my favorite month to visit Paris is October - the airfares have gone down, the crowds are starting to dissipate, and some good deals can be found on apartments and hotels.   But take a look at my Paris blog post and I will give you the run down on when to visit Paris.
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Top Ten Mistakes on a Paris Vacation

french mistaksOn my travels, whether going solo or leading a small group tour to Paris, I notice a lot of travelers making mistakes that really impact how much they are enjoying their tour of Paris.  So, I have come up with a "Top Ten" list of things to avoid while on a Paris vacation.  Read it over and even if you take my advice on some of the items I have listed, I am sure you get much more out of your trip to Paris.
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Museum Pass Options in Rome and Florence

roma passWhen traveling to Rome or Florence on one of The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Italy, or whether traveling to Italy on your own, the last thing you want to do while on vacation is wait on line.   Rome and Florence both offer two museum pass options worth considering.   Both of them provide VIP admission to museums and in some cases allow you to enter without making an appointment.  Read the blog post to see how to save money and time on a tour to Italy.
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Romantic Restaurants in Paris

valentines day parisPeople always ask me for Paris restaurant recommendations, especially when they are going to be there on Valentine's Day.   Although there are thousands of restaurants in Paris, a few come to mind for those wanting a romantic evening without breaking the bank.   You can always go to places like Alain Ducasse, Savoy, Le Cinque, Taillevent,  and L'Arpège, but let's face it, how many of us are going to spend $1,000 for dinner?  In this blog post I have listed some romantic spots in Paris to share with your sweetheart that are perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.

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A New Tour to Peru

traveling professorBy far, my most adventurous and exciting program is The Traveling Professor's small group tour to Peru, Machu Picchu and the Amazon rain forest.   It took over a year to plan the itinerary and now, I think I have made it even better by including the Amazon jungle with accommodations at the world-class Inkaterra Amazonica resort.   This trip combines three distinct and separate regions of Peru.  We arrive at the ancient rock city of Cusco and immerse ourselves into the culture and rich history.   We travel to Machu Picchu and spend 2 nights (most tours bring you in in the morning and you are out by the afternoon) properly exploring the mystical city.  Then, we go into the Amazon jungle at the best eco-lodge in Peru for a program of 12 exploration adventures.  Read more in the blog post.
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How to Tour the Vatican

vatican city tourA tour of the Vatican is on the itinerary for every Traveling Professor small group tour to Italy.  But a visit requires some planning to avoid the massive crowds, or even worse yet, being disappointed by all or one of the elements being closed.   In this blog post I have included some fascinating hidden secrets about touring that Vatican that very few people know about.  So, if visiting Vatican City on your next tour to Rome, read my blog post.
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How to Get to Versailles from Paris

It's a piece of cake to get from Paris to Versailles.  On many of our small group tours to Paris we have done the 40-minute journey by RER "C" train to visit the former home of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV, the Sun King.   In this blog post we give you specific directions on how to get to Versailles so you won't lose your head trying to figure it all our on your own.

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Top Paris Budget Hotel Picks

TiquetonneLike anyone else, I like to save money in Paris.  However, I still like to be comfortable and in a good location when choosing a Paris hotel.  It's not easy to find a budget hotel in Paris but there are some places that I can recommend for those who want to save a few euros when visiting the City of Light.  Check out my blog post to find my picks for budget hotels in Paris.

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The Professor in The Wall Street Journal

Solosky Wall Street JournalIn 2012, I had the opportunity to be profiled in The Wall Street Journal.   A journalist had heard about me retiring from my position as a professor in the State University of New York System and my change of careers to leading small group tours to Paris, Spain, Italy, and Peru.   It took about 2 months from the time all the interviewing was completed until the time the article was published and I remember the first time I saw it in print.   I was traveling home from a small group tour to Peru and Machu Picchu and someone in the seat in front of me was reading The Wall Street Journal.   As he opened it up, I could see he was reading the article.   I resisted the urge to get out of my seat and point to it and say "Hey, that's me!".   It was an exciting time.   Read the blog post to see the WSJ article. 

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Top Restaurant Picks in Florence Italy

trebbio florenceFlorence is one of my favorites when taking people on my small group tours to Italy.  And one of our favorite things to do is EAT!  I like authentic dishes like riboletta, a Tuscan bean soup made with black cabbage.  Let's not forget about the famous Florentine steak.  And then there are the wonderful Tuscan cheeses, breads, and olive oils.   Read the blog post and look at my favorite places to eat when on tour to Florence.

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Private Tour Guides in Paris

traveling professor guideAll of The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Paris are professionally guided.   I made a decision to do that several years ago when I saw how much it adds to the Paris touring experience.  In fact, it can make all the difference in a world on a visit to Paris or any other destination for that matter.  In this blog, I will tell you what to look for in a Paris tour guide and give some of my best recommendations.

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Where to Eat in Peru

monasterioMost people don't think of Peru as being a culinary capital, but it is.  On our small group tours to Peru and Machu Picchu we make it a point to stop in some of the best (and most affordable) restaurants that can be found.   Primarily, the best dining can be found in Lima and in Cusco.   There are traditional dishes such as cuy and alpaca, but Peru chefs have strong skills in creating some of the best fusion dishes that can be found.  Read the blog post and find out where to dine before your next tour to Peru and Machu Picchu.

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Where to Stay in Venice

venice canalVenice is a fascinating city and we often visit on The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Italy.   Some people only do a day trip to Venice but I like to stay a night or two because Venice is most beautiful in the evening as the cruise people disappear from the streets and St. Mark's lights up.  In this blog post I will give my Venice 3 star hotel recommendations so that your next tour to Venice is an enjoyable one. 

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