Are Free Airline Upgrades Even Possible?

Read on How to Get Free Airline Upgrades

get first class upgradeEveryone loves to get upgraded when flying.  There's more legroom, free drinks, better food, and it's just a heck of a lot nicer than getting stuck in coach.  However, as we all know, upgraded seats can cost a lot of money.  For instance a round trip flight in coach between JFK to Paris CDG on American Airlines in October runs $454 in coach.  Upgrade to first class on your own and it will cost $4,992.  So, who wouldn't want to get upgraded for free?  But in general, airlines are stingy.  However, they are exceptionally stingy when it comes to giving away upgraded seats. In today's blog post, The Professor gives some tips on how to get that "free" upgrade.

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Are Points Better Than Miles?

The Best Options for Travelers

points vs miles for travelersIn our blog post yesterday, we examined how airline award miles have become devalued, are harder to redeem, and have added extra fees.  Today we talk about accumulating points through credit card spending to help people fund their travel endeavors.  So, check out The Traveling Professor's blog post on using points instead of airline reward miles.

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5 More Best Airline Tips

5 Ways to Make Flying Easier

air travel tipsLet's face it, flying is not the way it used to be. Air travel can be a real hassle.   However, there is a lot to be done to make your life in the air much easier. The Traveling Professor had a great response to his last blog post on flying and airline tips.  In response, I came up with 5 more additional tips for the air traveler.

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