5 Good Packing Tips for Air Travel

Make Your Life Simpler

5 packing tipsFor his small group tours and personal trips, The Traveling Professor probably flies about 75,000 to 100,000 miles per year on multiple trips.  That's a lot of experience with packing. There are lots of ways to make the packing experience more streamlined and easier. Read about The Traveling Professor's top 5 packing tips and enjoy your next trip to Europe or South American with less hassle.

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Travel Product of the Month

6 Great Travel Gifts for Christmas

best travel giftsEveryone has been asking me what are the best travel gifts for Christmas?  On my small group tours to Europe and South America, there are always some things I use all the time.  I have listed 6 items that make terrific gifts and they can be shipped directly to you or to those you love before Christmas.  So, check out these 6 great travel Christmas gifts.

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Two Carry On Bags to Consider

Best Carry On Suitcase Options

best carry on luggageWhen travelers converge on one of my small group tours, the first order of business is to usually compare suitcases.  Which is the lightest?  Which rolls better?  Which one is the most convenient?  What is the cost of the suitcase.  In this blog post The Traveling Professor tries to optimize packing skills by helping you select the best luggage options for your next small group tour with The Professor.

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