The Best Way to Exchange Dollars to Euros

Significant Savings for Smart Travelers

best way to exchange dollars to eurosTraveling to Europe can be expensive.   I would rather spend my money on a nicer hotel and better meals when on a tour to Paris for instance rather than throwing money away on exchange fees.    Who wouldn't want to tour Italy for an extra day from the savings on exchange fees?   In this blog post I will show you some of the best ways to exchange dollars into euros.  I will also advise on strategies to avoid when attempting to exchange dollars to euros.

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Money Exchange Tips

How to Get or Use Currency in Europe

Money ExchangeWith exchange rates putting North American travelers at a severe disadvantage these days (it costs nearly $1.40 to purchase a euro), being smart about getting and spending currency while on a tour to Paris, Italy, or Spain is more important than ever.   In this blog post we will talk about how to spend foreign currency and some innovative ways to get it that I am sure you have never thought of before.  Read my blog post on European money matters and be money smart!

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Money Matters

Currency Exchange Overseas

Europeans are as likely to take dollars for payment as you are to take their currency, the euro.  Travelers on my small group tours to Europe and Peru always have questions on what currency to carry, how to exchange foreign currency and where to get foreign currency.  In this blog post I will give you some advice to take to the bank in dealing with money matters when traveling overseas.
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