Why We Love Cruising in Croatia

Our New Favorite Place to Go in Europe

Author: The Traveling Professor/Tuesday, October 22, 2019/Categories: Croatia

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This summer, The Traveling Professor did 2 small group tours to Croatia.  We chartered a private deluxe ship for Traveling Professor clients only.  This is what we liked about it:

Croatia is a Beautiful Country:  The food is great, the people are friendly, and the landscape is stunning.  Some people thought it would be more like Italy since it is across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, but Croatia has it's own unique personality and if I can say so, the terrain is more like a mix of the Mediterranean with a mix of Southern California.

Cruising is the Way to Go:  During the day (never at night) we would cruise to beautiful destinations, with relaxing swim stops along the way.  What a joy the swim stops where!  We visited beautiful small islands like Bol, Korcula, Hvar and bigger cities like stunning Dubrovnik and Split.   We only packed and then unpacked our bags once as the luxury ship brought us from destination to destination.  I just can't imagine the hassle of going to each of these destinations by car/ferry.

Calm Seas:  In all the cruises we have taken to Croatia, the seas have been calm and quiet. 

Food and Wine:  What I like about our cruise is that all breakfasts and most lunches and dinners were included.  It gave us the opportunity to go out and sample the good (and relatively inexpensive) Croatian cuisine and drink.

Private Charter:  We had the ship to ourselves which gave us the flexibility to work with the captain to develop and itinerary that suited our needs.  The size of the cabins were fine (about 150 square feet) but they were well designed and we felt like we had plenty of room.  All rooms have A/C and private, roomy showers with plenty of hot water.  There is MORE THAN ENOUGH public space on the ship for any of the 30 travelers to find a private spot to read a book or enjoy the sea breeze.

Here are the photos of our cruises: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gALSqYUQrPLTsQm3A

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