Hot Dog! The Best of the Wursts, Brats, Weiners, and Pylsurs

Or At Least on The Traveling Professor's Small Group Tours

Author: The Traveling Professor/Friday, February 23, 2018/Categories: General Travel

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On our small group tours to Europe and South America, we encounter a lot of hot dogs.  Here are the best hot dogs, as rated by The Traveling Professor:

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, Reykjavik, Iceland:  There is ALWAYS a line at this hot dog (known as a "pylsur") stand in downtown Reykjavik.  At about $5.00 USD (that 495 Icelandic Kroners) it is probably the only bargain in high priced Iceland.  It's a lamb hot dog and it all starts with a layer of crispy onions layered on the bottom of the roll.  Choose to top it off with any or all of three sauces, the best being a spicy brown one.   The dogs here have a great reputation and they are good, but not the best of those reviewed here.

trekoneren hot dog bergenTrekroneren, Bergen, Norway:  If you ask me, nothing beats this place located kind of close to the base of the funicular in this Hanseatic town.  They've got the best variety:  reindeer hot dogs, lamb hot dogs, chili dogs, curry dogs, french dogs - they have well over a dozen varieties.  Strangely enough, there is a Norman Rockwell associated placard with all of them.  The dogs are long and tasty and come with options like mustard, onions, ketchup and mayo.  You want to go there at peak times when the dogs have been turning over and have not been laying around too long.  I love the dogs at Trekoneren, and it seems as if those who go on The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Norway like them the best.  The problem is that they are so big, if you have one or two for lunch, there is no space for dinner!

Bitzingers Würstelstand bei der Albertina, Vienna, Austria:  During the ball season, revelers can be spotted in tuxes and long gowns downing the classic Vienna wiener at the stand in between the Opera House and next to the Albertina museum.  Boy is it good!  One style features a bored out baguette with the sausage stuffed inside.   Mustard (called senf) is king here - I got a funny look when I put ketchup on mine.  The curry wurst is remarkable in that it is not overpowering.

Best Hot Dog in GermanyGerman Christmas Market Brats:  In the winter, nearly every city, town and village has a Christmas market.  And in every Christmas market are at least one (usually many more) stands selling delicious hot dogs.  We've had them in Amberg, Regensberg, Munich, Bremen, Frankfurt (of course), and Bamberg.  But the best ones can be found in a restaurant in central Nuremberg called Behringer´s Bratwursthäusle.  They've got it all going on here including the servers dressed in dirndels with arms having the strength of those of Vin Diesel to carry around massive amounts of steins of beer.  I like to get an order of ten of these tiny brats, with kraut, put them on a hard, crispy roll with lots of mustard.  Oh, boy!

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