Phone Options When in Europe

Tips for Using a Cell Phone in Europe

how do i use a cell phone in europeWhat is the best cell phone option to use when traveling to Europe?  It is a question The Traveling Professor frequently gets from travelers on his tours to Italy, Paris, and Spain.  The Professor will dial you in on the best phone options to use in Europe when phoning home to say "bonjour" from your tour to Paris, or to say "ciao" and tell your family and friends what a great time you are having on your trip to Italy.

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Using Your Phone in Europe and South America

Here are Solutions to Save Money

traveling professorStaying in touch while away is the norm these days.   In the past, it was nearly impossible to do and very expensive.  It can still be expensive to use a cell phone while on vacation in Europe or South America if not done right.   In this blog post I will detail ways you can use a cell phone or communicate back home while on a tour to Europe or South America.

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