5 Handy Websites and Apps Needed for Every Overseas Trip

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Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, February 3, 2020/Categories: Travel Tips

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Here are 5 websites and apps The Professor uses on planning trips to Europe:

matrix.itasoftware.com:  The best site for searching for airfares.  It is far from being the "perfect" tool for finding airfares, but there are lots more options than can be found on sites like Expedia or Orbitz.  As always, I buy my tickets directly from the airline. 

My Bank Website:  It is important to notify banks that credit cards and ATM cards will be used while traveling overseas. Otherwise, you might find your credit and debit cards being declined when they are needed the most.  Most banks let customers give travel alerts right on the website now.

Uber or Lyft:  Gone are the days when we park our car at the airport anymore.  It stays nice and dry in our garage.  An Uber of Lyft ride directly to the terminal costs us about $35 each way for a total of about $70.  Parking rates are about $15 a day at our airport.  So, on a 10-day trip that saves us some time and about $75-$80 in parking fees.

Trainline.com:  This is in almost all cases, the BEST website to book European train tickets in France, Italy, UK, Chunnel trains, Spain, Switerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

WhatsApp or Skype:  I always use these apps to call Europe.  The quality is good and the cost is low. 

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