3 Places to Eat in Iceland

3 Great Lunch Spots. One in Reykjavik, and Two Outside Reykjavik

Author: The Traveling Professor/Wednesday, March 14, 2018/Categories: Norway/Iceland/Denmark

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The Traveling Professor has run 3 small group tours to Iceland in 2018.  Join us on our 2019 tour to Iceland.

Here are 3 recommendations on places to eat inside and outside of Reykjavik.

Hlemmur - Mathöll:  Recently opened in Reykjavik, just across the police station and in the old bus terminal, Hlemmur - Mathöll jumps on the bandwagon like many other cities in Europe have in opening a large market-style eating forum featuring multiple vendors of inexpensive (at least for Iceland) and casual food.  They boast of featuring "All Kinds of Food for All Kinds of People" and I have to agree with them.  We saw tacos, Italian food, a coffee shop, and of course a famous exotic Icelandic hot dog.  Local vendors like the famous baker Brauð & Co have a stand as well as Skál, and experimental restaurant features local foraged foods.  Here are my photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yMxtiHevBVkq64Xz1

Efstidalur II:  This is a historic, family-owned working farm that has established a wonderful place to stop when touring the Golden Circle.  On The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Iceland we pull up and are greeted by the playful and friendly Icelandic farm dogs.  The Barnloft Menu includes tender burgers (I like the Farm Burger), trout from a nearby lake, authentic soups, and  lamb.  But the real treat is downstairs where on-the-premises made ice cream and gelato can be enjoyed while viewing the producers (by that, I mean the cows) responsible for making that ice cream.  Here are some photos:   https://photos.app.goo.gl/ktve53CYmwu4OhXP2 and https://photos.app.goo.gl/C34Q667P74UHCT843

Friðheimar:  This is our latest discovery on our last small group tour to Iceland.  We reserved a table for our small group of 14 travelers on our last Golden Circle tour.  What a find!  At Friðheimar, they grow tomatoes all year round, despite Iceland’s long, dark winters, under artificial lighting in greenhouses. Visitors are welcome to visit the greenhouses.  We had a guided tour and it was amazing to see how rich, red tomatoes are grown in Iceland.  They tasted good too!  Our small group had a lunch of tomato soup, locally baked breads, pastas, and pizza-like tortillas. All of their drinks like the popular "Healthy Mary" are fresh and made with tomatoes and cucumbers all grown on the premises. Save room for dessert like the tomato cheesecake and tomato ice cream.  Friðheimar is open all-year round and in good weather they even put on a horse show - breeding horses is their sideline. We cannot say enough good things about this place - don't miss it.  Here are some photos (the last 4 photos are not of Friðheimar):  https://photos.app.goo.gl/sedNcPgjHLhVKlnI2

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