5 Great Holiday Travel Gifts

Things the Traveler in Your Family Will Love

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, November 20, 2017/Categories: Travel Tips, General Travel

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Here are The Traveling Professor's picks for holiday travel gifts:

GoPillow:  Don’t you just love having your own pillow while on the road?  The Go Pillow lets you store your very own pillow compactly and permits you to easily attach it to carry-on luggage.  Use the coupon code “Professor” to get a discount.   Buy here: https://gopillow.com.au/

International Travel Adapter:   An inexpensive gift that solves a lot of problems for overseas travelers.  Never again have the problem of finding the correct outlet to plug in phones, iPads and all sorts of electronic devices.

RFID Passport, ID, and Credit Card Holder:  I received a gift like this about 8 years ago and I still use it.

Travel Scale:   At less than $10, this is the perfect VERY USEFUL travel gift.  We use it on the road not only to weigh luggage, we use it for weighing items we are shipping home and for weighing laundry when shipping it out to the laundromat.  

Mother Lode Suitcase:   Take some advice from someone who spends over 100 days on the road.  This is the BEST suitcase out there.  I would want EVERY traveler to have this one.


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