Who Has The Best Gelato in Florence, Italy?

Two Picks from our Italian Experts

Author: The Traveling Professor/Tuesday, November 14, 2017/Categories: Italy

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On our last small group tour to Italy, we had gelato almost every day. We had it in Rome, Florence and Venice. There is quite a bit of controversy over who has the best gelato in Florence, but here are two selections:

Grom:  Yes, Grom is a chain of gelato shops that can be found in Italy and even the United States. But they have a wide variety of well made products and some delicious flavors. The Traveling Professor likes the straciatella with authentic Ecuadorian chocolate chips.  The crema come una volta was a big favorite, especially for our lady travelers.  They liked the fresh creamy texture and the lemon shavings.  Another favorite was the pistacchio.   In Florence, Grom is located on a side street just down from the Duomo at Via Del Campanile.

Perché no!...:  It means "Why Not?".  This is the pick of our Florentine guide, Lisa who has lived in Florence more than 10 years. Whenever she gives a tour of Florence, she usually happens to stroll by Perché no!... for a quick stop.  This is a small, family-owned gelato spot in between the Duomo and Piazza Signoria and has been in business for almost 80 years.  Our travelers loved the thick, deep chocolate versions.  They also have monthly specials.  We tried pumpkin macaroons and ginger as well as the cassata sicilian and the unbelievable orange chocolate and cremino.  Perché no!... has the widest variety of traditional and non-traditional flavors.  It's good stuff!

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