Day Trip to Verona

Romantic and Historic City in Northern Italy

Author: The Traveling Professor/Saturday, August 31, 2013/Categories: Italy

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The trip to Verona from either Milan, Florence, or Verona is between an 1 and 1.5 hours by train.   There are two train stations to arrive in Verona.  Porta Nueva is probably the preferred station for those visiting the historic sites.

Verona is a UNESCO Heritage Site mainly because of its Roman and medieval architecture and its historical significance.   Shakespeare set Romeo & Juliet here as well as Two Gentlemen of Verona.  It has an active arts program, probably the most famous being the outdoor opera program during the summer.

The historic area of Verona is small and very walkable.  I purchase the 10 euro Verona card to give unlimited admission to the most popular attractions.   This I what I would see and do in a one day visit to Verona:

The Roman Arena:  Erected in the 1st century it is a beautiful elliptical structure with giant stone benches.   When the summer opera program is not in session, it is well worth the visit.

Romeo & Juliet:   As the legend goes, the famous balcony where Romeo called to Juliet is inside an always crowded courtyard of visitors.    Most people don’t do it, but you can go to the actual balcony, look down into the courtyard as other visitors exclaim “Look, there’s Juliet!”

Piazza Bra:  Great for people watching and shopping for local nicknacks, the historic piazza is a place to sit for a light lunch or café.

Piazza dei Signori (AKA Piazza Dante):  Look while passing under the arch to see the suspended whalebone hanging in the air.  The legend is that it will fall when the first person who has never told a lie walks under it.

Sant’Anastasia:  A Gothic church in the oldest part of Verona, it displays historic frescos and sculptures.

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