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Where To Go In Italy If You Have Been There Before

Author: The Traveling Professor/Thursday, November 19, 2015/Categories: Italy

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Here are The Traveling Professor's top places to go to Italy, if you have already visited the major sites:

Padua:  Full of culture, full of good food and full of authentically good fun.  For me, the Scrovegni Chapel packs more history and significance than the Sistine Chapel.  Padua is a major pilgrimage site for fans of St. Anthony.   Galileo taught here and the markets are only second to those in Bologna.  A 4-star hotel will run less than 100 euros a night - in high season.

Treviso:  Just 12 miles from Venice but a world away is quiet, fortified Treviso.   Easy to get to, it has terrific food and a relaxing atmosphere.

Lake Garda:  Forget Lake Como of George Clooney fame.  Lake Garda is the largest Alpine lake in Italy and is the favorite of all the locals and lots of German visitors too.  It's beauty is unsurpassed.

Vicenza:  The mecca for those fans of Andrea Palladio's architecture.  Quiet but lots of good food, markets and well worth a day's trip.

Verona:  Romeo and Juliet really never existed here but it is a fun place to go.  A bit on the touristy side but the food is fantastic and the Roman ruins are hard to beat.

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