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Get Past the Tourist Cities of Rome, Florence and Venice

Author: The Traveling Professor/Friday, April 3, 2015/Categories: Italy

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The Traveling Professor goes past the typical tourist cities of Italy.

Verona:  The home of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and of course, “Two Gentlemen of Verona”.   The Colosseum in Verona is in better shape and much more interesting than the one in Rome.

Vicenza:  Andrea Palladio is the father of western architecture and it is on display in full force in Italy’s richest city.   The Teatro Olimpico, not what I would call a well-known attraction, is breathtaking beautiful.   And where else can you sit in a beautiful piazza, unbothered by crowds of tourists, enjoying a café?

Lake Garda:  Yes, we all know Lake Como.   But if you want to get away from the hype of a lake made famous by a movie star, enjoy Italy’s largest and most beautiful lake.  Sirmione is the most beautiful place I have visited in Italy.

Padua:   Incredibly rich in culture, history, art, and religion, it is incredibly devoid of tourists.  The Scrovegni chapel, in my opinion, is more significant than the Sistine Chapel.  The home of St. Anthony, Galileo and the famous University of Padua.   The city has markets full of flair, classic cafes and is the friendliest of all Italian cities.  It is one of the few cities I know in Italy that shuts down on Sunday – and you can join the families enjoying parades and a festive atmosphere.

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